TWiP 316 – SPECIAL REPORT: “Goodbye Nikon, Hello Sony!”

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In this Special Episode of TWiP, Frederick and Trey Ratcliff talk Mirrorless vs. DSLR's.


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  1. BTW not that it bothered me but you may want to warn people about the F-bomb dropped by Trey. 😉 That said, I think what Trey said is fairly true. Trey did stress the point that it depends on what you shoot. I like full frame DSLR, but I shoot mainly people for a living, I don’t have the talent or skills to shoot a decent landscape. But give me sports, news or people I am in my element, mirror less cameras would not work well for these subjects. Right now a viewfinder from a DSLR viewcamera is still far superior to a video viewfinder, but for the work Trey is doing it makes sense.

    As for the future I think soft were is more the future of non pro cameras. I really do not want an android or iphone interface on my camera. The other issue for me is it easier for me to hold my DSLR D3 steady with a 300mm f/2.8 than a mirrorless camera. But I started shooting with the F2 with motor drive.

    1. really at what point in the video is it? I can’t even imagine Trey using that

  2. I enjoyed listening to this podcast. But Frederick is so biased. Sony, Olympus or Lumix. You never once mentioned Fujifilm. You even ordered the X100s!

    I having been shooting with an X-E1 for the last couple of months and love it. I also shoot with an iphone and D800 and D3 and… and… and… As the Ford advert goes AND is better than OR.

    1. I sort of agree, If you are really serious about mirrorless then the The Leica X Vario one of the best choices out there.

  3. Another f-bomb…really? Would Trey use that kind of language in front of his own kids? If not then why would he use it in front of the kids (and younger listeners) of TWIP listeners. Couldn’t that have at least been bleeped out?

  4. I was really excited about this podcast, but after I listened to it I was disappointed. I expected more details and specifics. What was delivered was feelings and impressions. I don’t expect anyone to tell me which camera to buy, but I do expect an overview of pros / cons of each camera being discussed. What we got was, oh it doesn’t really matter, just get one and shoot. Sorry, but I do more research into a camera purchase than I do for a Burning Man costume.
    The gist of this podcast is basically the small cameras are smaller and lighter – surprise. It seems like the user of a NEX will certainly have to suffer from ridiculous UI constraints. Can’t use a timer or remote release with exposure auto bracketing? Really? This isn’t a big deal? I am glad it was mentioned, but surprised this was simply accepted. Nikon and Canon would have been taken to the woodshed over something like this. Frederick and Trey seemed to have their Fan Boy hats on and were attempting to justify / explain their purchases and positions. I get that, but some specifics would have been nice. I have no doubt that mirror-less is where the growth will lie, but not sure I am ready to declare DSLR’s to be a dying format.

    I do appreciate the work that Frederick and Trey do and I have learned much from both of them. This particular episode seemed to fall well short of the usual high standard that I have come to expect from them.

  5. I’m baffled as to why TWiP thinks a majority of it’s listeners care what this guy shoots with? Looking at his site, it’s all basically the same wide angle travel shots overcooked in post. You could shoot that stuff with a phone if it had auto bracketing. I wish I had researched his work before listening. When the processing of your photos draws more attention than the subject does the camera type is almost irrelevant. Show me an accomplished photog that shoots a vast array of subjects and has successfully switched to mirrorless and I’ll give it a listen. No doubt the guy takes some above average travel photos but he’s more about the post-processing and social networking numbers it seems so this switch isn’t the big deal a small circle of social photographers are making it out to be. Just my opinion.

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