TWiP #304 – Boston, Banned Cameras and Beyonce


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye and Dan Ablan

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, here's what on tap:

  • The Boston Marathon bombings reinforce the importance of great photojournalism
  • The Kentucky Derby bans all interchangeable lens cameras
  • Beyonce tells pro photographers to look for other work

Doug Kaye and Dan Ablan join Frederick to discuss these topics and lots more on this week's 304th episode of TWiP.


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Doug Kaye: portfolio, twitter, google+

Dan Ablan: portfolio, twitter, google+

Frederick Van or or Google+


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    1. Jared Polin would have been an excellent host for the discussed topics. Hope to see/hear him on the show again.

  1. Frederick…

    First of all: Great Show!

    You mentioned at the end of the show that the “critic of the week” was moved out of the podcast, because the listeners were not able to see the image. Have you thought about embedding the images in the podcast just like Martin Bailey?

    What I did in the last episodes was to pause the podcast when the critic session begins, and continue when I have access to a computer screen to look at the pictures. But with Martin Bailey’s Podcasts, I listen to it, looking at the images in my iPhone’s screen and check the images later. That is the best “way” for me.

    I really don’t know if other podcast players work with extended versions, though.

    P.S.: Dont worry about butchering my name 😀 I am totally used to it.

    1. Thanks Thiago, the issue with enhanced podcasts (pic embedded) is that they don’t work on all devices. And a huge part of our audience do not listen on iOS devices.

  2. Jared Polin would have been an awesome host for this show. When will he host again Frederick?

  3. Wasn’t it just 2 weeks or so ago that every one just about ran Polin out of twip town with torches and pitch forks. Now everone is like “oh where’s Polin?” Really!?! Theres no need to bring him back. Leave him off TWIP.

    1. I enjoyed Jared. How about Vinz stops listening to TWIP and Jared hosts again. Sounds like a plan to me.

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