TWiP #285 – Irreconcilable Pixels


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Tristan Hall, Don Komarechka, Jeffrey Totaro

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • Google+ rolls out Communities
  • Reuter’s Top 95 Photos of 2012 Reveal Interesting Camera Statistics
  • Will 2013 be Sony’s year?
  • Instagram & Twitter: Irreconcilable Pixels
  • An interview with Geoff Barrall from Connected Data

Tristan Hall, Don Komarechka, and Jeffrey Totaro join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

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  1. Google releases a new Communities feature  (8:00)
  2. Reuters Top 95 Images of 2012 Reveal Some Interesting Statistics (25:00)
  3. Will 2013 be Sony’s Year? (35:00)
  4. Instagram Breaks Ties with Twitter & Twitter Adds Retro Filters (56:00)


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The Great “MC Harrington” Photoshop Challenge!

The mission (should you choose to accept it): Use your photoshop skills – along with Richard Harrington’s head shot – to create your best MC Hammer/Richard Harrington composite. Winner will receive a signed copy of Richard’s book Understanding Photoshop Techniques. (Include Will.i.am’s new iPhone mod and Frederick will personally congratulate you on an upcoming show and award you an additional secret prize!)

Send images to contests@thisweekinphoto.com by Sunday, December 16th. Good Luck! Winners will be announced on a future show and winning images displayed.


Episode Update

Back on TWiP #281 we covered a news story about changes to the Canadian Copyright laws. In that episode we got it all wrong and the TWiP community let us know about it so Frederick sat down with Canadian photographer Don Komarechka to set the record straight.


Interview with Geoff Barrall

This week Frederick sits down for a conversation with Geoff Barrall, CEO and founder of Connected Data. Geoff was also the founder of Data Robotics – creators of the Drobo. Frederick and Geoff chat about his latest project – the Transporter.

You can learn more about the Transporter and support their kick-starter campaign at http://fvj.me/transporter


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