TWiP #209 – Google+, iPhoneography, & FujiFilm

On this episode of TWiP, FujiFilm sets it's sights on 3rd place, Google+ and what it means for photographers, Pentax sells to Ricoh, a lens mount for your iPhone, photographing your own heart surgery, and a conversation with Jack Hollingsworth about iPhoneography.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Nicole Young, Robert Evans, Bruce Clarke


Fujifilm Aiming to be No. 3 in the World in Cameras
Fuji looks to be making a comeback and is poised to re-enter the interchangeable lens camera market with goals of moving up to the number 3 position behind Nikon and Canon. Is aiming for 3rd place a viable market strategy for FujiFilm? The panel shares their thoughts on FujiFilm's chances at taking over the 3rd spot and whether there is still room in the space to innovate.

Google introduces Google+
Recently Google launched their Facebook competitor – Google+. There have also been stories floating around the Internet that their popular photo application Picasa will be re-branded. What does this all mean for photographers? Frederick points out that everyone should review their Terms of Service and decide for yourselves whether you want to share your work on Google+. Many photographers including Trey Ratcliff have been very active on the site since it launched. Thomas Hawk conducted an interesting experiment comparing the traffic he received when he posted a photo on Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Flickr vs. 500px.

Pentax Imaging Systems business goes to Ricoh
Pentax USA announces that HOYA Corporation and Ricoh Company have executed an agreement as of today to transfer the Pentax Imaging Business to Ricoh. The group is responsible for developing, manufacturing and selling optical instruments such as digital cameras and replacement lenses, accessories, security cameras, and binoculars.

Photographer Captures Images of His Own Heart Surgery
In a series of award-winning pictures, the 41 year-old photographer documented his own heart surgery – from the moment he left his two young boys at home in Northern Ireland and arriving at the hospital in Belfast, to being prepped on the operating table and witnessing his own body being cut open. If you were having some sort of a procedure would you want to document it? Leave your comments and thoughts in the Facebook comments.

iPhone SLR Mount
Photojojo has released an iPhone SLR mount that will let you attach your Canon or Nikon lenses to your iPhone. Plus, you'll be putting the SLR lenses you already have to use with the camera you use the most — your phone.


Recently, Frederick connected via Skype with photographer Jack Hollingsworth to talk about mobile photography – specifically iPhoneography. Here are some of the links that were discussed during Frederick's interview with Jack:
Favorite books on iPhoneography

Lensflare35 podcast on iPhone Revolution

Jack's favorite camera replacement/overall app (Camera+)

iPhone communities Jack supports and is involved in:

To learn more about Jack you can follow him on Twitter @photojack or visit his website at You can also find him on Instagram: @jackhollingsworth or view his stream in your browser at


Question 1 – Wireless Flash Triggers

Arthur Gonzalez writes: My question is about wireless flash triggers.  The options and features confuse me quite a bit. Could you break down the main options for wireless flash triggers (including a cheap option, i.e. yong nuo) and how they differ?

Bruce – There are several options ranging from Pocket Wizards to the less expensive Yongnuo triggers. Cheaper options like the Yongnuo don't support options like hi-speed sync but they are also 1/10th the price of Pocket Wizards. Basically you need a transmitter and and a transceiver as a minimum if you want to get started with wireless flash triggers. Canon and Nikon have wireless built into their systems so if you have a flash already you can start with that but be aware that there are limitations.

Question 2 – Light Meters

Corey writes: I've been listening to you guys for a while and haven't ever heard you address light meters. I've just bought a studio light setup and wondered if they are still useful in today's situation? I'm shooting with a d700.

Nicole – Yes, they're useful. I have one and use it when I'm shooting in a studio (especially people). They're great for when you are using more than one light and when setting light ratios (hair lights, isolated backgrounds, etc.)


Nicole – Canvaspop and Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Bruce – Vagabond Mini Lithium

Robert – Lexar cards

Frederick –


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  1. Honestly I am amazed that the Doctors allowed the procedure to be put on film at all – I would be curious if they had to make a deal to get images for training later.

    I cannot even get doctors notes from procedures vs. images of the procedure. There is a monster liability issue faced by the Dr’s performing the procedure.

  2. I’m surprised at the low profile Pentax has in the states, that’s not necessarily the case elsewhere in the world.

    Pentax make fantastic DSLRs and lenses. Their niche is affordable, small, weather sealed bodies with in body image stabilisation. The Pentax K-5 (rough equivalent is the Nikon D7000 and the Canon 7D) has the highest overall IQ rating for any APS-C camera on DXO. Pentax primes are compact and very high quality (3 are pancakes, most are all metal construction) and they also make very affordable weather sealed zooms along with “pro level” fully weather sealed zooms.

    They make the most affordable medium format digital camera in the 645D which supports the older 645 lenses. It’s compact (for a SLR medium format) and fully weather sealed.

    If you want innovation then this month (July 2011) Pentax are releasing a GPS unit that goes on the hot shoe, along with the usual geo-tagging feature, this will enable the camera to move the actual sensor to track stars during long night time exposures. No other camera on the market can do this, it’s a first. See here for more

  3. I’ve always been impressed at how good pictures look from the iPhone.  I almost prefer using it over my digital camera.