The Future of TWiP! And Navigating the Future of Content Creation.

I’m thrilled to announce the exciting relaunch and rebranding of our beloved podcast, This Week in Photo, now simply known as “TWiP.”

This new chapter signifies not just a fresh look and feel, but a renewed commitment to delivering top-notch content that resonates with our dedicated audience. The revamped TWiP features a modernized logo, an enhanced website, and a return to the engaging, roundtable discussions that made the show a staple in the photography community.

By bringing together multiple perspectives from industry legends and fresh voices alike, we’re dedicated to fostering insightful conversations that inspire and inform. Join us as we embark on this new journey and continue to explore the ever-evolving world of photography and content creation.

Also in this episode, host Frederick Van Johnson and a panel of esteemed guests, including Mike “Sharky” James, Steve Brazill, Steve Simon, and Troy Miller, delve into the current state and future of content creation. The discussion highlights the importance of prioritizing content quality over sheer quantity, the challenges posed by advertisements, and the necessity of video integration in modern podcasting.

We also share thoughts on adapting to the rapidly changing media landscape and offer advice for new content creators.

Contact our panel:

Steve B.:
Steve S.:

Picks of the Week

Frederick VanApple Vision Pro: Frederick shared his experience using the Apple Vision Pro on a plane, highlighting both the immersive movie-watching experience and the logistical challenges.
Mike “Sharky” JamesSmoke Genie: Sharky talked about the Smoke Genie, a device he enjoys using for shows and demonstrations. He emphasized its fun and utility in creating atmospheric effects.
Steve BrazillCustom Molded Earplugs: Steve recommended getting custom molded earplugs, particularly for those who attend concerts frequently. He highlighted their benefits in protecting hearing while allowing clear audio during music photography.
Steve SimonNikon Z8 and Z9 Cameras: Steve expressed excitement about the technology of his Nikon Z8 and Z9 cameras, especially the flip-up screen and subject detection, which have significantly enhanced his street photography.
Troy MillerInsta360 X4: Troy shared his enthusiasm for the Insta360 X4, a 360-degree camera that he recently started using. He enjoys exploring its capabilities, even though he hasn’t yet integrated it into his professional work.


Weekly riveting discussions about all things photography and content creation.

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