A Peek Inside PhotoRAW

Dan Harlacher takes us on a tour of the excellent PhotoRAW application!

Ready to try something new? Check out PhotoRAW!

On this episode of TWiP GLAM! Brian and Dan explore On1's new PhotoRAW digital asset management and
editing software. Along with being an accomplished photographer, Dan Harlacher is the product manager for On1, a photo editing software company based in Portland, Oregon. What makes this company unique is that its’ core staff members are all photographers who are passionate about bringing a quality, user-friendly software to other like-minded photographers. By integrating attributes of their remarkable software legacy into a nondestructive workflow, On1 has hit a homerun with PhotoRAW!

In this episode…

Dan Harlacher

Photographer, Thought leader and all around good-guy, Dan is the director of product management at On1.inc. His passion for photography, photographers, and photographic technology has driven Dan to prominence in our industry.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

The On1.com website

Free training videos at On1

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