Street Focus 97: New Beginnings with Jimmy Lee

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Street Focus 97: New Beginnings with Jimmy Lee

Who is Jimmy Lee?©JimmyLee 1IMG_9386_2016

I am a keen photographer based in London, my main passion is capturing street, documentary & events in a completely candid style. Although I do dabble in other things like nature, it nearly always has a human element.
 I have been shooting seriously for just over 18 months and due to being laid off after 30 years in January, I decided to put my camera to use by volunteering locally and starting up my first projects. My Local area where I have lived all my life is going through some major changes both in redevelopment and its residents. My aim is to document this and the effects it has and maybe make people realise they have more in common than they first think. 
The previous Street Focus episode we referred to during our conversation:

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  1. Thanks Valerie for interviewing Jimmy. I’ve been enjoying his work on social media. Thanks Jimmy for sharing your story, images and gift. The photography world is fortunate to have you !!!

  2. Valerie – I was hoping you would post a link to the podcast Jimmy spoke about in this episode about giving things away. Did I misunderstand the podcast?

  3. Wonderful work. I’m a fan of Jimmy Lee. He seems like a great man and his work is wonderful. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful photographer Valerie…

  4. I’m quite a fan of Jimmy’s work, I’m an expat and its good to see street shots to remind me of home. This was a great interview, I particularly liked his approach to the homeless, it shows what a big heart he’s got.

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