Street Focus 93: Q&A and Street Challenge

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Today on Street Focus, my friend Karen Hutton and I answer questions about tying shots together, alternative photography sites and creative ways to show your work. The questions were sent to us by Andrew Lossing, Angga Cahyadi Santoso and Clovis Rosa.

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And The Winners Are…

Monty Montgomery

©Monty Montgomery
©Monty Montgomery

Juan Paolo Alicante

©Juan Paolo Alicante
©Juan Paolo Alicante

Andrew Shields

©Andy Shields
©Andy Shields

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New Street Challenge: Breaking the Rules in Street Photography! Listen to the show from some tips and enter you best shot in the comments below by August 4th. Good luck!

Picks of the week:

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Lucida Straps

My Lucida Strap
My Lucida Strap











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  1. Wonderful podcast. I really like the tips and recommendations for promoting our work. Going to take a second look at Instagram. BTW, I have recently used GRAMBLR to add images to Instagram using my desktop. Thanks Valerie and Karen ! ! !

  2. Thank you, Valérie and Karen, for today’s informative podcast. I really enjoyed hearing tips from two such entertaining professionals! You rock!

  3. Wonderful podcast as always! Here is a shot I recently took in Versailles that I think breaks the rules. I was trying to add some tension to the picture, so placed the subject well to the right of the frame and the horizon very low. As it turned out, the fellow was also looking outside the frame to the right, which I hope added to the tension.

  4. Waterloo, London.
    A touch of the green eye: an even number of subjects, one heading out of the frame.
    I find it unsettling.

  5. Here’s my entry. It was taken with X100T. The ball in the center/left of the frame is the moon.

  6. I have done very little street photography, so I figured anything I did would probably break the rules.

    This particular shot was taken with a Nikon d750 at 70mm for background compression and because I’m not super comfortable enough to photograph people at close distances. ( I believe that’s a commandment broken). Also, it’s photographed in a non-street (yet public) setting, a park. So, I broke “the street rules” on how I took the photo.

    I call it “I’ll Follow the Sun” after the Beatles song of the same name.

    I enjoy the show very much, thanks for the effort. I have leaned so much.

  7. I know everyone is always insisting you shouldn’t focus on the center of the image, but I love doing exactly that.

  8. Walking out of shot, close to the frame edge, no focal point. You name it, its got it!

  9. Canada Day Dancers… at the edge of the frame and beyond. But I really wanted those feet!

  10. Really great episode with Karen, loved seeing her photos on her website, and her tips on Instagram were very informative. My break the rules shot is below. Taken in Toronto, CA. Breaking the rule of focus.

  11. I stumbled upon this stairwell by accident. I loved this place flooded with light, so I stood there and waited about 10 Minutes, until a person hurried from the elevator on the left to the staircase on the right. I caught her when entering the staircase to show the dynamic of her walk – against the rule.

  12. Thanks so much for this episode, Valerie! I encountered a street bubbleer (?) in Bath who was doing amazing work and took some pictures – including this one, where breaking the rule of not cutting off anyone’s limbs seems to add a bit (once noticed…). 🙂