Street Focus 85: Q&A and Street Challenge

This week my guest co-host is my friend and former student Ken Lyons. We answer questions regarding photo workshops both from a student’s and instructor’s perspectives. The questions were sent to us by Shawn Brezny, Kimberley Britt Saros, Steve Brokaw and Alec Hosterman.

Connect with Ken Lyons via his website.

And the winners are…

The last street challenge was Humor on the Streets.

Ken picked a photograph by Jane Sheers

©Jane Sheers

©Jane Sheers


Valerie picked a photograph by Mark Silberman

©Mark Zilberman

©Mark Zilberman


Congratulations! Both winners will receive an ebook of their choice from our friends are RockyNook!

Next Street Challenge: Shadows! Deadline to enter you photograph in the show notes is May 26. Please resize your photograph 800 pixels wide. Thank you and good luck!

Picks of the week:

Ken’s pick: The Fujinon XF 18-135mm

Valerie’s pick: Think Tank battery holders for 4 batteries and for 2 batteries.

Now it’s time to grab that camera and hit the streets!

Some shadows photographs by Valerie Jardin to inspire you. Don’t forget to enter your best shot by May 26!

About The Author

Host, Street Focus

The day I picked up a camera I became a storyteller. I now live and breathe in pixels! After working as a commercial photographer for several years, I realized that my love for the craft could serve others. Sharing the passion is now where I focus all my energy through teaching international photo workshops, speaking at seminars, writing, blogging and now podcasting. I am also thrilled to be an X Photographer for Fujifilm USA. Although I photograph everything and anything that moves me, my passion for mankind drives me to shoot street photography every day. I thrive on searching the story in a single frame. Find my Street Photograph: First Steps and Beyond on my website!

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    Crane technique for Boules

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  • Pisa, Italy.

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    On Break – Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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    • Hans Eckardt

      Nice composition, Don!

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  • Great show as always. Thanks so much for all the tipps and inspiration.
    Here is my entry. It is from my recent vacation in Barcelona.

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  • Balazs Vizhanyo

    Szeged, Hungary

  • Balazs Vizhanyo

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  • Taken at one of our main train stations (Westbahnhof) in Vienna, Austria.

    “Rushing to the trains”

    Right after I took that shot, one of the station emploeeys came over. I thought that he will tell me that I’m not allowed to take pictures here (as has happened to a fellow photographer that day in this train station), but instead he asked if he should make some more shadows for me and if my camera is a Leica. I had my X-Pro 1 and the 35mm f/1.4 with me and we started talking about photography for like 20 minutes, as he is also a photographer.

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    • Hey, that’s in Vienna in the Volksgarten. So there is at least one other Streetphotographer in Vienna who listens to Valerie! 😉

  • From Chicago, IL. Thank you!

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  • Stop and go at first light. Manhattan, NY

  • Valerie Jardin

    Entries for this challenge are now closed. Thank you for participating!