Street Focus 75: Streets of the World – Prague with Michal Fanta

[smart_track_player url=”″ title= “Streets of the World – Prague with Michal Fanta” artist=”Street Focus 75″ ] Street Focus 75: Streets of the World – Prague with Michal Fanta

This week is a new Streets of the World segment on Street Focus and I'm taking you to Prague. Your guide for this adventure is local photographer Michal Fanta.

Michal Fanta

Who is Michal? Prague based documentary and fine art photographer interested in all shapes and forms of life. Even though Michal found photography at an early age, and he played around with cameras throughout his childhood, Michal immersed himself in the art of making images only about ten years ago. Nowadays he shoots for clients and works on his personal projects documenting the people of Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.

You can find out more about him on his Website and on Instagram.

Link to the Google map with the locations discussed on the show. Map to travel from the Airport to city center.


  1. I have done an actual study related to the comment in this episode, paraphrased “crime in European cities is lesser than in the USA”, hence I feel that it is important to comment on it for the benefit of street photographers who by definition go many new places all the time and need to have some expectations first for their safety.
    My study compared somewhat similarly structured cities of Glasgow, UK and Kansas City, USA over a decade consisting of late 1990s and early 2000s using their officially published crime statistics. Except for the obvious – gun crime was significantly more present in Kansas City, all other forms of violent crime (assaults, robberies, rape,…) were present significantly more (sometimes up to 10 times more) in Glasgow. Part of the study was a cursory reference to other EU and USA cities, which appeared to follow similar general pattern: more violent crime in similar type of city pairing in EU.
    Sadly, this study is not online nor I have the rights to present more detailed facts from it (science is not always free and open).
    Do not panic, to quote the famous book, but be aware, plan accordingly (and carrying a towel can’t hurt).

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