Street Focus 73: Q&A and Street Challenge

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This week my guest co-host is the new executive director of the Minneapolis Photo Center, Jeff Harrington. He gives advice to photographers interested in exhibiting their work in a gallery and much more. Thank you Rich Flansburg, Ken Lyons, Steve Brokaw and Kim Britt Saros for submitting your questions.

Who is Jeff Harrington?

Jeff Harrington
Jeff Harrington

When I was 8 years old my mom returned from Reub’s Camera in Minot, ND with a pack of 24 color prints from the family Agfa rangefinder and calmly asked my father; “Gene, who took all these strange pictures of the swing set?”  That’s when I knew.

On to high-school photo class, enough years at SCSU to finish journalism and marketing, and a 15-year media production Master’s class with Smitty Schuneman at Media Loft, shooting bricks of Ektachrome, directing film and video, and muscling corporate meetings in and out of Las Vegas ballrooms.  As president, I helped grow our staff of 12 into a world-class production juggernaut of 50 talented media-makers. Among other accomplishments, we had the good fortune to help transform Target into “Tarzhay”.

I moved on to big-brand advertising as Vice President at BBDO, working both in Minneapolis and New York, and will neither confirm NOR deny that I produced the Jesse Ventura Inaugural Party at Target Center, and the SPAM Museum Jam for Hormel Foods.  Just after 9/11, I dove into the digital world as president of Popular Front Interactive, and helped grow its brand into a national digital marketing agency.

Throughout my professional career I've made it a priority to exhibit my color photographs in art galleries, both in one-man shows and group exhibits.

My experiences at the MPLS Photo Center over the last few years have been wonderful, and now career-changing. The Center harbors a uniquely vibrant photo community, and is a mecca for photographers. More than 1,000 photographers took a Photo Class at the Center in 2015.  I’m honored to take it forward. Please stop by, we'll talk about pictures! 

Link to The Mpls Photo Center

And the Winners are…

Jeff picked an image by Mark Farrington titled: Little St. Mary's Lane, Cambridge.


©Mark Farrington
©Mark Farrington

Valerie picked an image by Robin Wallin titled: Silhouettes from a foggy morning in Lund, Sweden. Follow Robin on Instagram!

Robin Wallin

Both winners will receive a 1-year subscription to Street Photography Magazine.

Picks of the Week

Jeff's pick is the Vinsic 22  Watt Dual-Port Solar Panel

Valerie's pick is Photojournalism The Professional Approach by Kenneth Kobre

New Street Challenge: REFLECTIONS! Listen to the show to get some tips and submit your best shot by March 3 in the comment section bellow. Good luck!

Examples of reflections from Jeff and Valerie:

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  1. Thank you so much for this show – great information and advice! I have been in the Twin Cities area for almost nine years now (moved from Michigan), and I’m ashamed to say I have not made it to the MPC. That will end this weekend – I am really looking forward to it! And congratulations to the challenge winners – wonderful images!!

  2. Stop!

    Took this when the little scene caught my eye in Soho, London. Love night time city reflections.

  3. Reflection street challenge. Brick Lane, Shoreditch area in London. I went there last week based on the recommendations in the recent Street Focus London podcast. I highly recommend Alternative London walking tours, they have a street art one that was great. Took us all over Brick Lane with an insightful and passionate guide. Thanks to your podcast I got to see areas of London that are not at all part of the usual itinerary.

  4. Reflecting trees. Reflective lady. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. (Hasselblad XPAN unedited).

  5. “I’m watching you!” A security guard smiles but then puts on his serious face for me 🙂 reflections of early morning shop employees on Newbury Street in Boston.

  6. Taken while enjoying a slice of pie and a cup of coffee outdoors at a nice coffee shop.
    Love the show. (LTS)!

  7. A relection image I captured on my commute to work of a man having a cigarette outside on the street. I setup and waited for him to look at me as I wanted the eyes and expression associated with spotting me.

  8. This location is no longer available. The windows were frosted over for a new tenant.

  9. Flow.

    A triptych of images captured shooting into a store window that had a large video display of waves. Reflected is Regent Street in London.

  10. street challenge :Reflections

    Leicester Square on a wet night

  11. Hope it is still on time – shot completely reflected in a evenly colored window on a train station. I like your shows- they keep me shooting for some time now. Thanx for that.

  12. March 03 in NZ so hopefully I am in time to post this. This is a collage of sorts, taken at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne…..

  13. Captured last year on a lovely Autumn morning in London. The building is owned by a government department called the Home Office and is fabulous for window reflections

  14. The day after a storm, I found an alley with a beautiful pool of light. The reflection mirrored the architecture perfectly and as I went to shoot it, a passer-by jumped over the puddle and into my frame. It turns out that serendipity can make for some beautiful street photos! 🙂

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