Street Focus 69: Q&A and Street Challenge

Street Focus 69: Q&A and Street Challenge

This week my guest co-host is Bob Patterson, the publisher of Street Photography magazine. Together we answer questions about blogging, whether or not street photographers should only shoot street and if street photography can be considered dangerous. Thank you @MyStreetPix, @barrowlone and Andy Murdoch for sending in your questions!

A few words about Bob Patterson:

I fell in love with photography at the age of 10 when I began to shoot  with my parent’s Brownie camera and develop film in my basement darkroom.  Early influences from the images in Life and Look magazines left a lasting impression that laid an early foundation for my interest in street and documentary photography.
About 10 years ago I took an online street photography course on Better Photo from Susan and Neil Silverman.  One of my fellow students was Joe Wigfall, a passionate street photographer from New York.   A few years later Joe went was named the New York street photographer of the year by WNYC.  It was Joe’s passion and encouragement lit a fire in me for street photography that continues to this day.
Today I own a web development business in Cleveland, Ohio that creates online courses and membership sites for content creators worldwide.  This led me to purchase a license for a platform that creates digital magazines  published in the Apple Newsstand.  I thought this would be a good platform for our clients to deliver training content to the iPad and wanted to be in the forefront.
When it came time to decide what the magazine was going to be about I was torn beween Street Photography or something specific to my business.  I was afraid to delve into photography because I didn’t feel I was  good enough to give others advice.  Then I listened to Ibarionex Perello on  the Candid Frame (episode 178) talk about his own fears about doing something new and how he overcame them.  It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.  I made decision to create Street Photography Magazine and never looked back.  As they say “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
We’ve been publishing the magazine for almost three years.  It’s been the experience of a lifetime.


Links to Street Photography Magazine:

Article Submissions: http://streetphotographymagazine.com/how-to-get-your-photo-project-published-in-spm/

And the winners are…. The theme was The Human Element in the Urban Landscape
Bob’s choice: A photograph by Jan Lipton
©Jan Lipton
©Jan Lipton
Valerie’s choice: A photograph titled Levels by Neal Ritchie
©Neal Ritchie
©Neal Ritchie

Both winners will receive a subscription to Street Photography Magazine.

New Street Challenge: SILHOUETTES, please listen to the tips given on the show and enter a photograph by February 4th. Good luck!

Picks of the week:

Bob’s pick: http://www.sipacontest.com/

Valerie’s pick: Bill Cunningham New York A film by Richard Press

Samples of silhouettes by Valerie Jardin:

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