Street Focus 69: Q&A and Street Challenge

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This week my guest co-host is Bob Patterson, the publisher of Street Photography magazine. Together we answer questions about blogging, whether or not street photographers should only shoot street and if street photography can be considered dangerous. Thank you @MyStreetPix, @barrowlone and Andy Murdoch for sending in your questions!

A few words about Bob Patterson:

I fell in love with photography at the age of 10 when I began to shoot  with my parent's Brownie camera and develop film in my basement darkroom.  Early influences from the images in Life and Look magazines left a lasting impression that laid an early foundation for my interest in street and documentary photography.
About 10 years ago I took an online street photography course on Better Photo from Susan and Neil Silverman.  One of my fellow students was Joe Wigfall, a passionate street photographer from New York.   A few years later Joe went was named the New York street photographer of the year by WNYC.  It was Joe's passion and encouragement lit a fire in me for street photography that continues to this day.
Today I own a web development business in Cleveland, Ohio that creates online courses and membership sites for content creators worldwide.  This led me to purchase a license for a platform that creates digital magazines  published in the Apple Newsstand.  I thought this would be a good platform for our clients to deliver training content to the iPad and wanted to be in the forefront.
When it came time to decide what the magazine was going to be about I was torn beween Street Photography or something specific to my business.  I was afraid to delve into photography because I didn't feel I was  good enough to give others advice.  Then I listened to Ibarionex Perello on  the Candid Frame (episode 178) talk about his own fears about doing something new and how he overcame them.  It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.  I made decision to create Street Photography Magazine and never looked back.  As they say “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
We've been publishing the magazine for almost three years.  It's been the experience of a lifetime.


Links to Street Photography Magazine:

Article Submissions:

And the winners are…. The theme was The Human Element in the Urban Landscape
Bob's choice: A photograph by Jan Lipton
©Jan Lipton
©Jan Lipton
Valerie's choice: A photograph titled Levels by Neal Ritchie
©Neal Ritchie
©Neal Ritchie

Both winners will receive a subscription to Street Photography Magazine.

New Street Challenge: SILHOUETTES, please listen to the tips given on the show and enter a photograph by February 4th. Good luck!

Picks of the week:

Bob's pick:

Valerie's pick: Bill Cunningham New York A film by Richard Press

Samples of silhouettes by Valerie Jardin:


  1. Hello, I am new to this forum and contest. My Silhouette is from Ft Benjamin Harrison St. Park in Indianapolis Indiana. this is my friend who had his his photo taken in a picnic pavilion. I like the mood. it sure was cold! Thank you. I hope my post works.
    From Roger ( Duskbat) 🙂

  2. Bill Cunningham New York is available for free for Prime Members…Just an FYI. I’ve already added it to my watch list.

  3. So i´m new here on the forum ( first time entry ) but have bin listening to the podcast for a while now.
    And I love it.
    This will be my entry into Silhouettes (2).

  4. Great show!

    Here is my entry for the silhouettes challenge — I hope you like it.

  5. Hi Valerie – here’s my entry for the Silhouettes challenge – taken in the City of London, right by the ‘Gherkin’ building. Great location, for various reasons – was just a case for waiting for the right person to walk on to the stage and into the picture!

    Thanks, again, for the regular podcasts, always enjoy them and always get something out of them


  6. Hi all! Here is my entry of a snowboarder riding down Bear Mountain in Big Bear Lake California. Late in the day long shadows are present as well as the silhouetted riders making there way down the snowy mountainside. It was a fun day.

    1. Thanks Jane, timing is big as well as putting yourself in a place where timing can be of importance.

  7. En route back from Nice, there is always something to see while you wait. Enjoying the podcasts, thank you

  8. Here is my entry for the silhouettes contest. Took this during my photo walk on Monday in Santa Ana, CA. Thank you Valerie for the great podcast!

  9. As I was walking, I saw the cyclist approach. I walked out to the middle of the street to photograph her. I got this shot as she passed me.
    Monty Montgomery

  10. Took this shot at the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio. The exhibit is called “Spirit” and I captured a young man leaving the exhibit room silhouetted against the light of the doorway.

  11. Here is my entry for SILHOUETTES challenge. I took the opportunity to shot while going to pick up some nappies from my local mall. With limited time to shoot now I parked as far as I could to the mall so that I could see if I could capture something while walking in. I saw this scene at the bus stop area. The light was the thing that drew me in.

  12. Here is a silhouette for this month’s challenge. I shot this in Lisbon at Praca do Comercio. overlooking the Tajo River. This young couple was posing for a photographer, so, as they posed, I took several shots as well…including this one

  13. My contribution to this month’s challenge. I shot this as I walked up a stairway going into an apartment building in Minneapolis, MN.

  14. First contribution of a beginner in street photography. Small drizzle in Brittany near Rennes on last friday (France). With my tripod, I was shooting after dinner the ambiance of the streellights under drizzle. I was quiet and alone when my son has decided to dance slowly on purpose in front of my lens to bother me. He really doesn’t know how much he didn’t annoyed me !

    1. I just love this. I can’t decide what story to put to it though – sorrow, innocence or etherial.

  15. Hey Valerie,

    great show as always.
    I love the topic of this month challange as i love silhouttes.
    This one was the last picture i took in 2015. New Year’s Eve in a small town in southern germany. I hope you like it 🙂

  16. Hey! Here is my entry to this months challenge. It is shot in Stockholm on my early morning walk to work. Hope you like it!

  17. Hi Valerie, thanx for keeping my photo fire going. My silhouette is only half the man but still I like the scene.

  18. Hi Valerie, great show as always. Love the passion you obviously have for street photography and the fun conversations you have with fellow photographers.

    Great challenge and I do love a silhouette shot. Here is my photo from Westminster Bridge on a very sunny day in London (we do not get many of these)

  19. Silhoutte entry. Our Mardis krewe float has a life sized Clydesdale horse mascot at the front. When we finished the parade on Saturday we noticed this silhoutte of the horse on a downtown Galveston building.

    1. Such a fabulous image Biljana. The light is wonderful and helps create both the silhouette and framing of your subject. Top work

  20. Silhouette entry. Taken in london after a workshop with Kevin Mullin. My favourite from a series of images

  21. This is an “extra” since I entered the contest earlier. Stopped during lunch yesterday in Long Beach, CA and caught this silhouette of a lone cyclist on the beach. Thanks for the inspiration, Valerie!

  22. Loved the question about shooting other types of photography – and your answers! …..shooting SP has made me a better overall photographer – shoot what you love!
    For the challenge… Behind the Bleachers captured at a county fair.

  23. Hi Valérie, here’s my contribution for the “silhouette” challenge. This picture was taken in Cádiz, Spain.

  24. Hi Valerie. Greatings from Norrköping in Sweden. My contribution, a morning picture from last november. It’s a view over the eiffeltower (obviously), taken from Trocadero.