Street Focus 55: Street Tips with Marie Laigneau

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This week my guest is French street photographer Marie Laigneau.

Marie Laigneau
Marie Laigneau

Marie is a French street photographer based out of London. She enjoys traveling to the world’s biggest cities to capture the fleeting essence of urban life, projecting her dreams and fantasy into ordinary scenes. Her work has been exhibited in several venues around the US, and her love for storytelling and composition has led her to publish her first eBook: Creating Impact – Storytelling in Street Photography. She manages the Black and White photography community on Facebook, alongside a fantastic team of photographers and mentors.
Links: Website , eBook  , Black and white FB community

Together we discuss the following 10 Street Tips at length on the show. Enjoy!

  1. Learn to see the light
  2. Search for the mood
  3. Simplify, simplify, simplify
  4. Forget the technique
  5. Know your city upside down
  6. Never lose focus
  7. Become fearless
  8. Embrace mindfulness
  9. Fail often, try again
  10. Make up your own mind

Some of Marie Laigneau's beautiful work:


  1. Thank you so much Valerie for the conversation, looking forward to seeing you at the next Out of Chicago conference!

  2. Valerie, hearing you and Marie Laigneau together in animated conversation about street photography was very fulfilling for me. How great an episode of Street Focus! I admire you so much because your images speak to me in a way that inspires me. You make me want to press onward, even when I’m tired. I look at your images, listen to a Street Focus episode, read your publications or Photography Blog and I want to grab my camera and go out and shoot on the street. Thanks, for all you do!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this David, it truly means a lot! I hope you join one of my workshops some day!

    2. You are most welcome. I’m pre-registered for Out of Chicago, June 2016 and really looking forward to meeting you and doing a street walk … June can’t come soon enough!

      Follow the light …

  3. Wonderful episode ! ! ! The 10 tips are great. It makes me want to go “hit the streets” with a new enthusiasm ! ! ! Thank you Valerie and Marie

  4. Great episode Valerie. I have just begun getting back to photography. I have been focusing some what on city-scapes and have not thought much about street photography. It sounds like something I need to explore.

  5. Listening to you two talk together is magical! I have many questions, but the one I can’t find the answer to on my own is the name of the woman street photographer. I couldn’t quite catch it toll of your tongues 🙂