Street Focus 47: Street Tips with Marius Vieth

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This week on Street Focus German street photographer Marius Vieth shares his top 10 photography tips. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy the show!

Marius Vieth
Marius Vieth

Marius Vieth is a 21 times award winning fine art photographer focused on street photography from Germany who’s based in Amsterdam. He travels around the world to capture golden moments, manages his own international Fine Arts Label NEOPRIME to support uprising photographers and sell his photographs as signed and limited museum quality prints worldwide, gives private coaching and he writes books about how to unleash your creative soul which he publishes through his own publishing house Seecreads.

His website:
His publishing house
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  1. Excellent podcast ! ! ! I loved the tips and they struck a cord in me. Thanks Marius and Valerie !

    1. Marius’ tip of your image being a painting, and how you want the canvas to be filled, has really stuck with me. In my early days of photography, I used to always look for scenes, settings or objects that caught MY eye. Then I’d try to capture it. I think it’s easy to get caught up in all the work you see from other photogs and stray from trusting your eyes. I would look for things I’d like to see displayed on my own walls. Obviously, street photography can be about all kinds of things, but I’m glad I listened to the podcast if only for just that one tip.

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