Street Focus 45 – Q&A and Street Challenge

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Today my guest co-host is my friend and Italian photographer Ugo Cei. Together we answer questions sent to us by Teresa Pilcher and Chris Weisman. We delve into the question whether or not making eye contact with your subject can still be called street photography, how to handle a situation when your subject notices you and gets upset. And finally, how to gain more recognition as a street photographer.

My guest co-host, Ugo Cei says he “loves to travel and show the beauty of the world and its inhabitants to everybody. This is really an amazing planet we live on and every place and every culture possesses beauty that deserves to be shown.” You can see more of his work on his website, visit his photography community and find out more about his workshops.

And the winners are… 

Ugo chose and image by Michael Schmitt titled ‘What is Happening Here'

©Mike Schmitt
©Mike Schmitt










Valerie chose an image by Teresa Pilcher titled ‘Watched by Mythical Men'

©Teresa Pilcher
©Teresa Pilcher










Both winners will receive an ebook of their choice from our friends at


NEW Street Challenge: EXPRESSIONS! Joy, sadness, surprise, etc. Post your best pic in the comment section below before August 20!

Picks of the week:

Ugo's pick: FlashQ wireless flash triggers

Valerie's pick: How Photographs Are Sold a book by Alain Briot and published by Rocky Nook.

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Examples of EXPRESSIONS in the streets by Valerie Jardin:


  1. Thanks for a series of most entertaining and informative podcasts. This is my expressions entry for the challenge


  2. Hi to all, this is my first photo in your street challenges.
    This one was taken in a very sunny day of Buenos Aires during my lunch break.
    Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Hi all, another newbie. 1st photo in street challenges. Taken in Camden markets, London

  4. Wonderfully useful information and opinions in this show! Thanks to those who posed the questions and to Valerie and Ugo for your experienced answers!!
    I call this one ‘Miss Congeniality’ – I was intrigued by the two very different expressions by two pageant participants.

  5. Love to fill my ears with your street photo podcast, sometimes I wish they were a bit longer.

    My entry for expressions “Bad Day” shot in Las Vegas, Nv

    Hope older photos are ok? Didn’t see any rules about it.

  6. I asked if I could take a picture with the dog and her and they both smiled

  7. Back from a trip from Lisbon and the theme for this month was great for this photo I captured on the trip. This was taken in the Barrio Alto as this bored mother/daughter watched the world go by.

  8. in the middle of a celebration this man not look so happy, maybe the crowd exposes his loneliness.

    Constitución, Chile

  9. Three reactions seen at the Cluny market in Bourgogne, France – taken with Fujifilm X-A1at 50mm

  10. I guess this could be color as well but I think the guard seems really make the photo with his mostly physical expression of sadness.

  11. Picture taken while waiting at the Nicollet light rail station in Minneapolis. Head a bunch of screaming, turned and saw this guy and immediately snapped this picture. He just happened to see a high school friend he had not seen since graduation 20 year ago. During their discussion they discovered they both work for the Minnesota Twins. They created quite the scene.

  12. This expression is either “Hey are you taking a photo of me?” or “Why are you crouching over that puddle?”

  13. This was taken at Insa-dong in Seoul, South Korea…I guess you could call it “Hello cutey.”

  14. Expression – Wistful.

    I was sitting in a Melbourne and the girl on the other side put had down her phone. This image appeared and I had to quickly change my lens from the 23 f1.4 to the 90 f2 before she moved and the moment passed forever.

  15. S.F. Riding the muni home from a concert, a quick snap. I saw the tenderness and love between this lovely couple.

    1. I love this image. Innocence captured but the creepy guy in the background adds an interesting dimension.

    2. Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment on my image. I appreciate your taking time to view and write.