Street Focus 41 – Q&A and Street Challenge

Street Focus 41 – Q&A and Street Challenge

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Today my guest co-host is my good friend and photographer Paul Griffiths. Together we answer whether there is a difference between Street and Urban Photography, whether or not we use the in-camera filters and jpeg settings and if a prime lens is preferable to a zoom lens to shoot street. The questions were sent by Edward Ureña, Ken Lyons and Piä Gùptä.

To see more of my guest’s work, visit Paul Griffiths’ website, his YouTube channel and his latest Life @ 1/15th sec. project.

And the Winners are…

Paul chose an image by Jonathan Higbee

©Jonathan Higbee
©Jonathan Higbee

Valerie chose an image by James Hyatt

©James Hyatt
©James Hyatt

Both winners received an ebook of their choice from our good friends at Rocky Nook!

Picks of the week:

Paul’s pick: The Photographer’s Playbook

Valerie’s Pick: Hit the Streets with Valerie Jardin tip videos on YouTube

Next Street Challenge: Break the Rules to create tension. Enter 1 photograph per person in the comment section below by July 23!

Break the rules! Create tension by going against the natural visual flow, etc. The key is to do it with intent.

Samples by Valerie below:


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