Street Focus 03: Streets of the World – Los Angeles with Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz
Rinzi Ruiz

Welcome to Episode 3 of Street Focus!

This is our first Streets of the World segment which will be on a rotation every third episode of the show. Our first major city featured is Los Angeles and your guide is street photographer Rinzi Ruiz.

After you listen to the show, be sure to visit Rinzi’s website, Tumblr and his photo workshops.

Here are some of the locations Rinzi discussed during the interview, and much more:

Getting around Los Angeles:

  • üBer
  • Metro – Subway / Buses
  • Rent a car!

The best places to shoot Street in the Los Angeles area:

  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Venice Beach
  • Hollywood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica
  • Chinatown
  • LA Bridges
  • Olvera Street
  • Union Station

Other neighborhoods – some safe (some not):

  • South Central
  • East Los Angeles
  • Watts

Safety first!:

Most of these areas are okay but if you go to some of the LA neighborhoods just make sure to do some research and know at least some of the history of that area, like Watts for example. Ask around and see what areas NOT to go into. There are many that have gang activity, and it’s best to avoid their territories.

Ongoing photo exhibits or galleries:

HINT: A good place to check is the LA Weekly publication for current shows

  • Annenberg Space for Photography
  • The Vault
  • DRKRM Gallery
  • Duncan Miller Gallery
  • Fahey/Klein Gallery
  • Jan Kesner
  • The Perfect Exposure Gallery
  • M&B Gallery
  • Rose Gallery
  • Stephen Cohen Gallery
  • Julia Dean
  • Think Tank Gallery

A few of Rinzi’s shots…


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