Street Focus 22: Paris Views with Gail Albert Halaban

Street Focus 22: Paris Views with Gail Albert Halaban

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Gail's photographs offer a rare look into personal spaces of Parisians as they are seen from their neighbors' across the street. I invite you to enter into the secret lives of Parisians through a collection of images in her beautiful book Paris Views.

Gail Albert Halaban
Gail Albert Halaban

Gail Albert Halaban, lives in New York and works globally as an artist and educator. She was 6, when she made a camera for her first grade science fair. She holds an MFA from Yale University.  She is represented by the Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York and the Esther Woerdehoff Gallery in Paris. Her art explores the tension between public and private life, what is seen by all, and what is hidden. The series Paris Views is a collection of images taken through and into windows in Paris, she acknowledges unspoken voyeurism and exhibitionism, tells us to admit we all do it, and then pushes us to confront the hope, isolation and other emotions that lie behind the gaze. Her teaching focuses on Visual Literacy with the thesis that all people must learn to see as we learn to read. 

You can see more of Gail Albert Halaban's work on her website.

Images of Gail's Paris Views project:

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  1. Awesome photos, thanks for the discovery!

    It’s funny, when living in Tokyo, I was describing how easy and open it was in Paris, similarly to your description of NYC vs Paris.

    Good work on the show, keep it up!