Peak Design Grant Announcement

I'm proud to announce Peak Design will be joining This Week in Photo this evening at 7 PM US/Pacific for a live streamed event about their efforts to empower black photographers and filmmakers!

L. Renee Blount — the person who “peaked” Peak Design's interest, along with Annie Nyborg and Adam Saraceno from Peak Design, will join the show to discuss the goals and challenges of this program, and possibly even announce some recipients!

How did all of this come about? Peak Design recently asked Blount to share her experiences being a Black photographer and climber. She did (link below) and in doing so challenged brands in the outdoor and photography industries to grant more gear to aspiring Black photographers.

In L’s words, “if you want to see more people of color in outdoor photography, lower the barrier.” — Challenge accepted.

Peak Design called their friends at Sony and BorrowLenses and put together 3 full professional kits consisting of a full-frame camera+lens, bags, tripod, straps/clips, and even credit for future gear rental.

Upon launching these grants, other brands took note. With the help of funds from Arc'teryx and OneWheel, Peak Design has been able to create 3 additional grants, for a total of 6 complete gear packages.

The goal of these grants is to help 6 aspiring Black photographers or videographers (of any experience level) level-up their gear.

Learn more about the grant on Peak Design's site.

Learn more about L. Renee Blount in a Peak Design blog post.

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