Review: The New ThinkTank “TRIFECTA 8″ Mirrorless Backpack


After two months of near constant use, the exterior material is holding up well and the design allows me to change lenses without a problem. I do wish that they had put a duplicate memory card and battery pocket on the right flap so that you could have this nice feature on both sides of the bag. I felt the small plastic lanyard hook in the top compartment was a bit cheap and fiddly, so I put an inexpensive keychain carbiner on the hook, which made it a lot easier to use. I felt that the left (lens) side flap was hard to open quickly because the zipper tabs were a bit small. So I modified them by wrapping black gaffers tape around the tabs to make them a bit bigger. For me the internal size of the bag is perfect, because I don’t have very large lenses.

But if you have a mirrorless camera with a lot of big lenses, you might be better off with the larger Trifecta 10. Also the Trifecta 10 would be a requirement if you absolutely needed to carry a full sized iPad, or a full frame DSLR. Overall I am extremely happy with this bag and I consider it a fine investment.

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