Canon/Nikon Mug Winners!

Back in TWiP episode #166, I announced a contest to give away both Nikon and Canon lens mugs. Well, we've finally gotten our $%^@ together, and have selected the contest winners. Congratulations to MikeF4 and Marty Skitch! You're the proud owners of shiny new Nikon and Canon mugs.

But wait, there's more! My good friend Amit Gupta over at has offered to sponsor some upcoming TWiP contests! To get an idea of the prizes we'll be giving away, just check out the cool photo-related goodies in their store.

Congrats again MikeF4 and Marty Skitch-and a huge thank-you goes out to Amit, for making our upcoming contests much more interesting!

If you haven't checked out yet, and you love photography like I do, you're missing out.

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