Your Itinerary 22: See the World with David duChemin


See the worldSee the World with David duChemin

There’s a process I go through for the interviews on Your Itinerary. I usually start with my guests’ website. I read their bio and look through their portfolio to learn about the guest and decide how I want their interview to go.

This week was a little different. I was really excited to talk with David duChemin right out of the gate, and I knew I wanted to talk about his latest ebook, See the World. I have followed David’s work for quite a while, and I was already reading See the World when I was able to schedule some time to chat with him.

David’s book Within the Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision caused quite a stir when it came out in 2009. There were (and are) tons of books about the technical photographic process. I think Within the Frame struck a chord because it goes beyond the “how” to discuss inspiration and vision, and it does so in a way that makes you feel like you’ve had a conversation with a friend.

Traveling photographers, See the World is right up our alley. If you’re looking for ways to improve your travel photography, this is a no-brainer. If you are an educator who wants to start a conversation with your students about travel photography, this is required reading.

I’ll stop gushing and let you get to the interview! David has generously offered a discount on See the World to our listeners. Follow the link below to Craft&Vision and use the discount code “TWiP25” to save 25% off the regular price. The discount is good through April 1, so go get it now!

David duChemin links:

See the World: http://craftandvision.com/products/see-the-world

Discount code- TWiP25

David’s website: http://www.davidduchemin.com

on Instagram: https://instagram.com/davidduchemin

Northern Kenya Case Study: http://craftandvision.com/products/see-the-world-northern-kenya

with SEE THE WORLD as a bundle: http://craftandvision.com/products/see-the-world-bundle

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