Your Itinerary 04: What’s in My Bag for Costa Rica

Your Itinerary this week is about what photo gear I take for two weeks of shooting in Costa Rica. I’ll show you a couple of different ways I pack and set up my bags for transportation and for shooting. I find that the easiest way to get your gear onto an airplane isn't always the easiest way to make your gear accessible in the field. I like to leave myself some options whenever possible.

I also discuss a few non-photo tools that I always pack. Some items are specific to my Costa Rica trip and some are part of my everyday load-out. Flashlights and first-aid kits might not be the first thing you think to pack into your camera bag, but they sure can come in handy!

If you'd like to see my full gear list, CLICK HERE for the Amazon affiliate list that I created for my workshop Clients.

What about you? Do you have a different load-out for long trips than you do for everyday carry? Leave your gear list in the comments.