Introducing the TWiP PRO Community!

It's kind of like an exclusive airport lounge

I established TWiP PRO as kind of a “sane respite” from the growing crowd of opinions in the photography industry. Think of it as a kind of exclusive airport lounge.

The public areas in most airports are functional, and nice enough for most people – however, some travelers would prefer a more focused experience where they can relax, have fewer people around and actually get some work done.

If Facebook is an international airport,TWiP PRO is a small exclusive airport lounge.

The TWiP PRO community is not designed as an incubator for people looking to become professional photographers, though those folks are also welcome. It’s more for people who’d like a direct line of communication to interact, share and get feedback from other like-minded photographers.

TWiP PRO is a place where TWiP fans can communicate with the people they see on our shows. Where you can pose important questions about your photography, business or even just gear questions – and have those questions answered by a group of people that have likely been in your situation before.

Eventually we will stop accepting new members as I don’t want the community to become too large and unmanageable, and too “noisy”. Less is more.

Grab your 14-day free trial in the TWiP PRO Community TODAY!