Introducing TWiP GLAM!

A brand new glamour photography show!

Introducing our newest podcast, TWiP GLAM!

Each week TWiP GLAM! will bring you new inspirations from the glamour community. With new guests interviewed each show, we give you a glimpse into the creative world of model photography from diverse perspectives. In this episode we introduce you to your hosts, talk about the future of the show and interview TWiP's Editor-in-Chief, Frederick Van Johnson.

A few of Frederick's Cinemagraphs


Photos by Brian and Brittany App

In this episode…

Frederick Van Johnson

Along with being Editor-in-Chief of TWiP, Frederick is a veteran in the digital photography industry, and is uniquely engaged on a regular basis with key industry players. Frederick's favorite photographic genre varies but he seems to be drawn to fashion and portraiture as well as experimental techniques such as Cinemagraphs, and other “time-bending” storytelling methods.

Brian Fischer

With over 30 years of experience as a photographer, workshop leader and private photography instructor, Brian is eager to bring his insights to the podcast community. Though he is considered to be a natural-light glamour specialist, he can be found photographing everything from panoramas of Yosemite to macro images of mosquitoes. Thanks to his broad technical abilities, he is ready to tackle almost any subject in the glamour world.

Roxanne Cali

Bringing modeling experience from all over the globe, a formal education in public relations and advertising and a fearless spirit, Roxanne is uniquely qualified to join the TWiP team. Her perspective adds depth to each interview and will help you to build a deeper understanding of working with and posing models.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Photographer Brittany Anzel App:
Book Recommendation: Photographer's Survival Manual
Preston Castle: Wikipedia

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