Street Focus 00: An Exploration of Urban Photography

Introducing Street Focus! The newest addition to the TWiP Network.

If only Henri Cartier-Bresson were around today to see the advances in photography and more specifically street photography! I’m confident he would be proud at how Valerie Jardin, the newest host to join the TWiP network, is spreading the good word about street centric photojournalism.

Welcome to the first episode of Street Focus — the newest addition to the TWiP Network! Street Focus is a show hosted by street photographer and TWiP co-host Valerie Jardin.

In each episode Valerie will push your knowledge of street photography forward while keeping you inspired and enthusiastic about getting out there and taking photos. This show isn’t necessarily centered around the tools or gear, but rather the art itself. In the show, Valerie will be interviewing talented street photographers about their passion, the art of remaining invisible, how to approach strangers, what tools street photographers are using today and much more.

Valerie routinely travels the globe teaching street photography workshops, and wherever possible she will be podcasting from those exotic locations!

I’m very excited to add this cool new (and much requested) show to the TWiP Network, and both Valerie and I hope you enjoy the excitement that will unfold in the upcoming Street Focus episodes.

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  1. Looking forward to the show, especially hearing about and seeing shots from streets of the world. Best of luck guys.

    1. Thank you Jeffrey! This may be done in the future for some of the posts but many of the images that will be displayed in future episodes will be from guests.

  2. Great to see this show is off and running well done +Frederickvanjohnson for setting this up you couldn’t of picked a better show host in +ValerieJardin… If ever you need/looking for a London correspondent I’m willing to help out…

    1. Thanks Art. I think Valerie is the perfect choice for this show as well. I’m looking forward to the episodes she’s got lined up… there’s really good stuff coming!

    1. Yea, the photo upload in comments feature is going to be great! Bringing our talented listeners and their photography closer to TWiP will make for a more multi-dimensional network. Wow… that sounded kinda geeky. [embraces inner geek].

  3. Very cool Street photography podcast. Here’s a halal food cart I snapped at the road junction near Bryant Park in New York City. 🙂

  4. Fabulous start Valerie! I am so looking forward to listening to more and more! Well done Thisweekin photo! 🙂

  5. It’s great to see a podcast dedicated to street photography! I’m looking forward to listening to future episode. Here’s one of my street photos from a recent trip to Bhutan.