Today on TWiP GLAM! we bring you the art of photographer Eric James. Eric is a true jack of all trades, with a hand in the fields of commercial, fashion, aviation and most importantly, glamour!

Eric JamesEric started down the path of photography as a child after discovering a darkroom in a friend’s home.  This lit his photographic fire and he has never looked back.  Thanks to his reputation for hard work and generosity, Eric has become an invaluable asset to his local photographic community.

With his portfolio ranging to all corners of the photographic world, there’s no pinning Eric down to just one genre.  The hallmark of his work is his use of light and lines. Eric may have started in the world of film and darkrooms, but those days are behind him.  Digital is the calling card of the day and Eric has embraced it.  Eric splits his time between still photography, videography, and animation.
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Below is the unedited (NSFW) version of the interview.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98djkTFM8Fs]


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Eric on Model Mayhem and 500px
Brian Fischer on Model Mayhem
Roxanne Cali on Model Mayhem


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