TWiP #285 – Irreconcilable Pixels

Google announces a new Communities feature, Reuter's top 95 images of 2012 reveal some interesting stats, is 2013 Sony's year? Plus Instagram breaks up with Twitter and Frederick interviews the CEO of Connected Data, Geoff Barrall, about his latest project - the Transporter.

TWiP #280 – Instagram Stigmagram

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter add exciting new features, Nikon introduces the D5200 and Canon announces two new stabilized "L" lenses. Plus, Frederick chats with model Jesse Deol about life on the other side of the lens.

TWiP #216 – You Are Not a Photographer

This week on TWiP: A new website tells some photographers, well, they're not, a Pennsylvania photographer bans some Facebook bullies, and UK Tube commuters get photographed without their permission.