TWiP #288 – How Photographers Use Social Media

This Week on TWiP, join Doug, Valerie, Martin and Frederick in a discussion about Instagram's terms of service snafu, expectations for next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and publishing for photographers. Plus, a chat with Scott Bourne.

Going, Going, Going… Pro!

Ever wanted to know what it would take to "Go Pro" with your photography? Guest contributor Patrick Reed reviews the book he says will help you do just that.
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TWiP #200 – The Boys Are Back in Town

On this episode of TWiP, it's our 200th episode and we've brought the band back together. This week, we catch up with some of the original TWiPers to chat about what they've been up to and how they are incorporating video into their workflow. Plus, Bruce Clarke sits down for a special interview with David Ziser.
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TWiP #144 – Sausages, Whips, & Latex

Scott returns to the podcast this week to discuss NAB. Scott has been busy on a bunch of projects including and as well as speaking at various conferences and photographing birds down in Florida. Scott spent most of his time shooting video so the guys discuss some of the gear Scott was using.