TWiP #144 – Sausages, Whips, & Latex

This week: The guys discuss NAB, Aperture 3, and Lightroom 3 with special guest Scott Bourne.

Hosts: Frederick Van JohnsonAlex Lindsay, and Scott Bourne


Scott returns to the podcast this week to discuss NAB. Scott has been busy on a bunch of projects including and as well as speaking at various conferences and photographing birds down in Florida. Scott spent most of his time shooting video so the guys discuss some of the gear Scott was using. Some of this gear includes things like field monitors and a follow-focus whip which you learn more about here.

Adobe Announces Creative Suite 5
On April 12th, Adobe announced the upcoming release of CS5. Check out this video which demonstrates the new content-aware fill feature. Another feature that Scott really likes is that the metadata follows any thing you make in any suite so there is much tighter integration between the products which is becomming increasingly important as video and stills blend together. Scott thinks the new mask tools are also very powerful.

Scott, Alex, and Fred also discuss Aperture 3 and the latest Beta of Lightroom 3 and agree that it's great to see both products pushing one another to improve.

Apple Releases the iPad
Last week, Apple released the iPad and Scott sees it as a valueable platform for photographers and represents a new platform to expose your work. Scott has seen first hand the reaction to his work when handing someone his iPad and has even created his own application called Avian Wallpaper which is available in the iTunes store. Scott also thinks the new iBooks store offers a great platform for photographers to sell photo books. Alex points to the iPad application Elements as a great example of what's possible on the iPad.

Scott isn't planning on getting the 3G version when it comes out since he already has a MiFi device from Verizon which is a portable router which allows for up to 5 computers to connect to it.


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