TWiP 463 – Oh Baby I Like it RAW!

ON1 software is set to release the first new camera raw processor in over a decade, with the introduction of their new Photo RAW processor. But can this new software compete with the established Camera RAW workflow pioneered by Adobe?

TWiP 440 – Reuters Hates Raw

Reuters issues a worldwide ban on RAW photos, Panasonic brings post focusing via firmware, & students at the University of Missouri try to prevent a photographer from doing his job.
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TWiP #147 – A Flash in the Pan

Adobe advances creatives super powers by releasing Creative Suite 5. A powerhouse suite of applications that sport some amazing new pixel pushing features. In this episode, we review those features and discuss weather or not it's worth the upgrade price. Syl Arena is on hand to discuss his passion: photography with small strobes, and an interview with podcaster Victor Cajiao.