TWiP 440 – Reuters Hates Raw

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TWiP 440 – Reuters Hates Raw

For the past several years, the raw format has represented the “best” quality that your camera’s optics, processor and sensor could offer. Effectively time-shifting the post-processing step to Photoshop, Lightroom or your software of choice. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it looks like Reuters wants to take that responsibility, and power from photographers. The company has issued a worldwide ban on raw images and insists that photographers submitting imagery to the organization only send in original un-edited JPEGs.

Also, Panasonic has made an attempt at adding Lytro-like (shoot first, focus later) functionality into some of it’s Lumix mirrorless cameras.

And lastly, students from the University of Missouri block a photographer from taking photos of their protest. We discuss the legalities of this act, and the overarching issue of misperceptions around the right to privacy as it applies to photographers and public spaces.

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  1. Audio goes a little nuts at 46:10 mark (Talking about Amazon vs Ebay. Keep up the amazing work! Love listening to you guys while I edit!

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