TWiP 423 – Learning Photography – Paper vs Pixels

This week, Rick Sammon & Darlene Hildebrandt join us to talk about learning photography. There are more ways to learn photography than ever before, which is great, but it can also be paralyzingly confusing. What’s the best way to learn this stuff, and how do you get “good”?

The Candid Frame 268 – Acuity Press

Acuity Press creates exceptionally curated, print on demand, fine-art books, that illuminate the work of both established and talented emerging artists. Through our exquisitely made books, collectors, museums...

TWiP #288 – How Photographers Use Social Media

This Week on TWiP, join Doug, Valerie, Martin and Frederick in a discussion about Instagram's terms of service snafu, expectations for next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and publishing for photographers. Plus, a chat with Scott Bourne.

TWiP #235 – Publishing Photography

This week on TWiP: Photographers building a book for charity in Google+, is Apple planning new publishing tools? And should you send your photos out to be retouched? In India?