TWiP 498: CES 2017 Round Up

CES 2017 Kicks off with a plethora of new cameras and gear, and we go deeper into DIY photography with the photo industry's MacGuyver himself, Tim Engle.

TWiP 447 – CES 2016 Round Up

This week we look back at CES 2016 & round up the biggest photography announcements from the show. Plus Kodak announces the return of the Super 8 film camera.

TWiP 395 – The Model Citizen

This week on TWiP, Lucas Passmore and Derrick Story join Frederick to talk about the lacklustre product announcements from CES. Plus a photographer gets sued by a model for inappropriate image use.

TWiP 342 – How Very Selfie of You

CES gear announcements from Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Sony. The rise and fall of the selfie and an interview with commercial and fine-art photographer Bob Coates.

TWiP #289 – Small Camera Big Picture

On this week's show we round up the photography news coming out of CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Plus Polaroid is getting ready to launch Fotobars, acquires Zenfolio, and Frederick interviews photographer Giulio Sciorio about his move to shooting exclusively with Micro four-thirds cameras.

TWiP #288 – How Photographers Use Social Media

This Week on TWiP, join Doug, Valerie, Martin and Frederick in a discussion about Instagram's terms of service snafu, expectations for next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and publishing for photographers. Plus, a chat with Scott Bourne.

TWiP #237 – Bourne to Be Wild

This week on TWiP: Scott Bourne gets hands-on with a Lytro camera, a look back at some of the announcements coming out of CES, Adobe backtracks on their upgrade pricing for CS6, and a new online service lets photographers make money from photographing strangers.

TWiP #183 – Size Matters

This week on TWiP: Are 3D cameras the new HDR?, Size does matter according to the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the unfortunate photographers' paradise... Detroit.
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TWIP #124 – CES Wrap-Up

This week: A wrap-up of CES and some of the cool, photography-related product announcements, an interview with HDR expert Trey Ratcliff, and a special guest host, digital-imaging expert Richard Harrington, joins the fray.