TWiP #289 – Small Camera Big Picture


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye, Don Komarechka, & Tristan Hall

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, we are back in the Google+ Hangout format! Here's what's on tap:

  • News roundup from CES
  • Polaroid launching Fotobars
  • acquires ZenFolio
  • And an interview with Giulio Sciorio

Doug Kaye, Don Komarechka, and Tristan Hall join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and much more on this week's episode of TWiP.

Interview with Giulio Sciorio

This week, Frederick interviews photographer Giulio Scioria about his departure from shooting with dSLRs in favour of shooting exclusively with the Micro four-thirds format. You can learn more about Giulio by visiting his website – Small Camera Big Picture.

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  1. I’m not sure but I believe that Polaroid and the Impossible Project are to distinctly different operations. I think this is a case of one company creating the process, and another company owning the name.

  2. Polaroid is for the most part all about licensing off their name to other, smaller, companies that want to buy Polaroid “halo effect”. Brand name licensing is a common practice among well known brands to “rent” their brand name to other companies. For example Black and Decker licenses its name to Homedics, 3M to Radio Thermostat of America.Get the picture? My guess is that Polaroid the company has nothing to do with the Photo Bar, other than getting revenue to use their brand name.

  3. With regard to the Drobo question, I have been using Drobo since 2009, I have recently upgrade to the Drobo 5D, a thunderbolt/USB3 interface devide that is just brilliant. All I had to do was take the 4 drives from my old Drobo 2 and insert them into the 5D, updated the Dashboard software and plug it into the iMac, all of my data was intact and available and the performance is almost as fast as the internal SSD.

    In my time I have lost 3 drives in the old Droboi and the fix was a simple task to plug in a new drive and continue working while it rebuilt.

    In the past I have has hardware and software based RAID, I lost the card on the hardware base device and even though I managed to get an identical card, it was not able to recover the raid, this was a Promise card. The hassle in recovering a failed raid is not worth the effort. The additional cost of Drobo is justified by the convenience and now the performance so it is an easy solution for me.

    Also, Drobo is not a backup solution in and of itself, it is one part of the process.

  4. You guys still don’t get mirrorless which surprises me. Having Bourne on and now another interview and you still don’t understand differences between FF and mirrorless APS-C or micro 4/3. All of them have their pros/cons, and I have both formats. FF cameras however cannot be beat in terms of shallow depth of field photography. Take the 75mm f/1.8. Olympus micro 4/3 lens which is a great lens by the way and one Bourne was touting. That’s going to give you a 150mm f/3.6 equivalent on a FF camera. That’s a lot different than an f/2 or an f/2.8 look on a FF. You won’t get an f/1.4 DOF FF camera on ANY mirrorless camera save a Leica with a Summilux. PLEASE LEARN ABOUT THESE CAMERAS and be halfway informed.

  5. I was hoping 2013 would be Don Komarechka free. Good photographer, but terrible host. When he is on I have to struggle to get through the TWIP shows. I have been listening to TWIP for years and I love TWIP … but Don Komarechka ruins it for me.

  6. Don Komarechka makes me want to stop listening to TWIP. Like his photography … but do not like him as a host.

  7. I wanted to listen to this episode again to hear what Doug and Tristan had to say … but I could not get through it a second time. Don is just brutal to listen to.

  8. Hi Guys,

    In this episode when you guys are talking about managing data. Have a look at Its pretty much an opensource dropbox server that you can set up one of your spare computers. checki it out. I’ve just spent most part of today setting it up and it seem pretty good. even has an ios app

    Thanks for the podcast Fredrick.

    Take care all


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