Which camera should you buy?

In this video, created in partnership with my friends over at Zenfolio, I dive into one of the most frequently asked questions in the photography industry — which camera should you buy?

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  1. Dear Frederick,

    First of all, I really enjoy TWiP. Now, with respect to your recent video, ‘Which camera should I buy?’ (2021-07-10), I was surprised to see that ‘media output’ did not make your choice criteria i.e. it was not mentioned. In my opinion the photographic output requirements (say, screen only (Facebook) versus large size print) can be significant drivers of choice of photographic equipment, especially weight, size and budget — potentially, at least as significant as any of the criteria you mentioned. Please could you explain why you choose not to discuss this topic. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Andrew. I agree, there are many more criteria that could be covered. This video was just intended to cover the basics. In order to keep it short.

  2. Thanks Frederick, very interesting and informative and also very helpful to me.