Serge Ramelli’s course amazingly is included as part of this years 5 Day Deal Complete Photography Bundle. Here’s a sneak peek into his course to give you an idea of what kind of value you’ll be getting. This course, along with dozens of others along with some amazing software is included with this bundle, but only until October 19th at Noon Pacific.



This is Serge Ramelli’s first full HDR shooting and retouching workflow.

He first shows you how to set up your camera for HDR, then you’ll see him do a full HDR photoshoot; he’ll show you framing, setup and shooting 3 exposures.

He then teaches you a detailed workflow to retouch HDR in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop (including digital blending).

These 14 lessons cover 9 full photoshoots and includes 3 free Photomatix presets.

Serge uses the powerful HDR software Photomatix in this masterclass. If you don’t already have it, you can download a free trial or purchase the software here. Use his code “photoserge” and get 15% off Photomatix.

Grab The Complete Photography Bundle today, including this great training for just $97. Head over to to get it… it’s all over October 19th at noon.




They’re basically giving away $2,500+ worth of photography software and training to YOU for just $97! Seriously, that’s a 96% discount!

This course is part of the bundle. Go grab it and the rest of the bundle before it vanishes forever.

Head over to to check out the sale. Even if you choose not to purchase the bundle yourself, please share the sale with your network to help raise awareness. Not only is this such a great deal, but it champions some great causes that I’m extremely proud to support, and I hope you will too.



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