TWiP Weddings 02: Fifty Brides Tell All

This week on TWiP Weddings, 50 Brides reveal what they thought their photographer could have done better. Our panel of experts respond to their revelations. Plus our picks of the week and we answer a listener question on how to deal with a situation when another professional photographer shows up at the reception unannounced.

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  1. Great work guys. It’s very nice to see honest informative information delivered on wedding photography.

    1. Just my two cents, but I feel like you guys are already on the right track. There is a lot of information for new wedding photographers on the web and in podcasts. Considering your backgrounds and talent, I would love to have you spend at least a portion of your time targeting wedding photographers that have been shooting for awhile and trying to branch out, finding other revenue streams, expanding their reach outside of their current markets. The original TWIP was so helpful while I was starting out. I hope that this podcast can really add to this specific genre while adding as much content to the areas that I mentioned. Congrats on producing quality content from the start.



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