TWiP Weddings 014: Same-Sex Weddings with Steven Rosen

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This week we’re joined by Steven Rosen – a wedding photographer from Brooklyn who specializes in same-sex weddings. Marriage equality is a hot topic these days and as more and more countries embrace marriage equality, a whole new market of wedding photography is emerging. Steven has photographed over 80 same-sex weddings and he shares his observations and tips for attracting and working with gay couples to photograph their wedding day.

Photography by Steven Rosen

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your great answer to my question:

    “I sometimes get asked brides and mothers of the bride whether I can airbrush them thinner, or something along those lines.
    I can do this, but I think what they’re really saying is they’re not confident in the way they look.
    I’ve been photographing weddings for five years, but still get caught off-guard by this question.
    Do you have any advice?”

    I’ve not used the liquify tool for a few years – I think it can be too time consuming and even a little insulting – and agree the best approach is to make photographs as flattering as possible using posing and lighting.

    I’ve used the sometimes glib sounding response, ‘you don’t need photoshop’, but I think Bryan’s suggestion of explicitly saying that I’ll use posing and lighting to best effect is much better.