TWiP Talks 16: INSIDE The Everyday Messenger

In this episode, Trey Ratcliff and I sit down (virtually) to discuss the record-setting Kickstarter campaign he, along with Peak Design recently launched.

The Everyday Messenger bag is a new take on camera bags, and incorporates a number of Peak Design learnings, as well as some seemingly obvious common sense. The result is what looks to be a really impressive camera bag system that will play well with your other Peak Design products.

Trey and I discuss the inception of the bag, and what drove him to collaborate with Peak Design. We discuss the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and also what might be next for the Trey + Peak Design partnership.

To celebrate and promote the bag, Trey is hitting the road and conducting a number of photowalks around the country. I like to call Trey’s photowalks… the “Trey Pride Parades”. His photowalks are always a ton of fun, and everyone leaves jazzed about photography and how to make better images.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

You can check out Trey’s tour dates here.

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