TWiP Talks 16: INSIDE The Everyday Messenger

In this episode, Trey Ratcliff and I sit down (virtually) to discuss the record-setting Kickstarter campaign he, along with Peak Design recently launched.

The Everyday Messenger bag is a new take on camera bags, and incorporates a number of Peak Design learnings, as well as some seemingly obvious common sense. The result is what looks to be a really impressive camera bag system that will play well with your other Peak Design products.

Trey and I discuss the inception of the bag, and what drove him to collaborate with Peak Design. We discuss the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and also what might be next for the Trey + Peak Design partnership.

To celebrate and promote the bag, Trey is hitting the road and conducting a number of photowalks around the country. I like to call Trey's photowalks… the “Trey Pride Parades”. His photowalks are always a ton of fun, and everyone leaves jazzed about photography and how to make better images.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

You can check out Trey's tour dates here.


  1. Another great video from FVJ. Congratulations to Trey & Peak Design on your project together, hope to see Trey @ the NYC PhotoWalk if all goes as planned. OK I would use this bag as intended, right now I don’t have a lot of cameras, equipment, etc, just my small Sony, so I really would use it as an Everyday Bag & put clothes, water bottle,& all the essentials of day to day living, ok guys have a good one.

  2. Great Bag design, congratulation for Trey & Peak Design, If i have this bag it will be my daily working bag which I can put small umbrella and document also as my weekend camera bag which I can put my camera n some baby diaper maybe (double the function as diaper bag) :).

  3. That bag looks wicked awesome. Definitely throwing in my camera, lenses, & other photography nic nacs. I’ll also be adding my bike repair kit, refreshments & of course, my swim trunks…

  4. Awesome bag! I’ll put my new mirrorless system in there including a7RII, a few lenses and a pile of batteries. This has also introduced me to peak design’s amazing lineup of products. Definitely going to give capture and slide a try. Can’t wait!

  5. What a beautiful and artfully crafted piece of gear. I plan to store my camera, moleskine notebook, a writing implement (pen and a pencil), and my iPad. I want to leave enough room to add the particular pieces that I need for the day (such as a flash, rain cover, Mac Air, etc). The expandability and configurability are what sets this bag apart from the competition.

  6. Very cool bag! I would use it as an EDC Bag with my camera equipment, gun, and iPad. I look forward to seeing the bag!

  7. I would stuff this bag, Two Canon 5DMKII 24-70 70-200 and more if it would fit. I may not replace my roller bag, but I will make a good attempt.

  8. I would fill it with my Bronica SQ and lenses. If I can’t fill it, I’d just have to buy more gear

  9. I’d give it to my wife… sure I’m I nice guy, but since I’ve already ordered mine it’s the least a loving husband could do! I’ll be loading mine up with my “new” D7100 and the amateur’s F-mount trifecta, the Sigma 18-50 f2.8 & 50-150 f2.8 and of course the Nikon 50mm f1.8, then when she’s not looking I’ll drop my Samyang 14mm into my wife’s bag and pretend I’m surprised it ended up there. Don’t judge, I gave her that bag after all!

  10. I entered my Kickstarter order for the pro kit. I’m looking forward to trying our the messenger bag on my next travel vacation.

  11. Carrying a bag of such premium quality will undoubtedly focus the attention of every photo editor and agency across the land directly on me 🙂 , therefore rocketing me to the professional status that the bag itself exudes. I would carry my d800, the accompanying glass, holga and pinholga mod, a cache of portra film, laptop, sunglasses and my printed portfolio (to show off to all the important people that are now looking my way thanks to the sweet new bag I’m carrying.)

  12. If I were to own this bag I would be able to neatly organize my camera, lenses and accessories so that when I show up for a portrait session things would be much simpler and faster, and I would look more professional.

  13. I’d use it for when I needed to take everything with me. And since I shoot M43, I’m pretty sure this bag could hold a 13″ MBP, iPad, 2 bodies, 5-7 lenses and maybe even some filters and speed lights. I’d really like to see a smaller one with space for just an iPad Mini, mirrorless body, and 2-3 lenses.

  14. I don’t have the $$$ for the bag right now, if I did I would get one as they look awesome. I despise my current bag. Oh and I would use the bag for my GoPro’s, BalanceCam, iPad, DSLR, Audio Gear, Raspberry Pi, and of course my balls.

  15. My m43 gear would have a new home when on the job or traveling. And ideally, this hopefully works as a personal carry on in combination with a backpack 🙂

  16. Definitely would stick my Minolta Autocord and my Fuji XT-1 in this slick bag. Might supplement with any various lenses depending on what I’m doing that day.

  17. i am a teacher in a small town in Mexico, and i use a bicycle! so this would be perfect to carry some gear: an ipad mini, a nikon 3100, sometimes a mac mini (no, i don’t have a laptop) an assortment of mini tripods for mi iphone 5s, cables, microphone, headphones, like a million cables and so on! would love to have one of this!

  18. Love to win the bag! I would put in my canon 60d 10-22 and another lens and my laptop! Then my camera would be with me always! Work or play and editin would never be far away!

  19. What would I put in this bag? My D7200, my longest lens and a plane ticket to Africa.

  20. Amazing Bag, congrats PD and Trey. I would use this bag as my everyday(:D) bag. I would use it with my Olympus EM5 x 2, 9mm, 17mm and 45mm. I’ll chuck in MacBook Air, Powerbank and most importantly some snacks 🙂

  21. I would put my EM-1 with two lenses inside and everything else that’s in my Lowepro Passport Sling and Eastpack Kruizer which I think this bag has copied some of the good stuff from it 🙂

  22. Bag looks very well thought out. I would put in my Sony Mirrorless system, batteries, charger, memory cards, tablet, cool sunglasses, water, food, mini-tripod, wallet, cables, and passport to go and take some great photos.

  23. Love the interview, videos and, of course, the bag. Hooray for the American Entreprenuerial Spirit and innovation. I already placed my Kickstarted order for the pro kit.

    I will carry my Fuji X-T1, various lenses, X100T, iPad and iPhone for everyday and future travel vacations.

    Now the problem will be deciding which color to choose. Of course I I win the contest, I can one in each color.

    Bud James

  24. Great energy in the interview. Beautiful design and nice engineering. I would put my new OMD E-M10 couple of lenses and iPad.

  25. Great talk, would LOVE to do the photo walk. I’d keep a D810 gripped with the new 24-70E VR lens Nikon just announced, 2 SB910 speedlites, ezybalance gray card, a good book from Tom Robbins and perhaps a flask of Glen Macellan’s 12 year 🙂

  26. It’s a great bag. Can’t wait to check it out whatever happens.

    For me, I’ve been a Tom Bihn guy for years, love their modular system and the quality of the bags, but found their camera options poor and adapting them with inserts not so successful. I then went to the pretty good Tenba small messenger, which features a zipped access slot like this one and good storage options, but the small stuff really doesn’t work, the other smaller storage areas, the other slots.

    This however looks like it aces it all, and the design details are great.

    For me, an X-T1 and four lenses. A few polarisers, a grey card, batteries, cards, cloths, business cards, pens, field notes, an iPad or MBPro depending on my day.

  27. Can’t wait for the photowalk here in Phoenix!
    I would put my Panasonic GX7 and my Olympus EP-3 in there, plus some lenses, and of course my iPad Air.

  28. Hmmm. If I were to have this bag I’d absolutely love to put my Canon 6D inside with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art and the Canon 50mm 1.2…. ahhhhhh.

  29. If I got t his bag I would put my Nikon D7000 for myself and some diapers and wipes for my baby.

  30. i would put in my camera gear and some M&M’s because they melt in your mouth, not your Everyday Messenger bag.

  31. This would be perfect to carry the papers and gear I need for one of my regular trips to London that combine business with photographic pleasure. I would fit in my iPad, notebook and pens for the meeting and my E-M1, Panasonic-Leica 25mm f1.4, cards and batteries, waterproof and hat for the several hours of street photography afterwards.
    What a pleasure to know that there’s a logical system to store fresh and used cards & batteries!

  32. I’d put my dog Meatball in it ( and I’ll even send you a photo)! But then I’d clean it out and lovingly store my camera equipment in it.

  33. I’d love to have one too. I’d use it to haul my notebook and pens,
    waterbottle, scarf, sunglasses, of course my wallet and all the small
    thingies that lead to severe shoulder sore. Of course I’d throw in a
    camera or two. And some rolls of Tri-X. Because as I heard in TWiP
    Weddings: Film has to go. And so it does, roll after roll.

  34. It would be awesome to carry this around the LA Photowalk…I would be the envy of everyone, such a great bag! I’d put 2 Sony a6000’s, 4 lenses, iPad, my Lee Seven5 filter system, GoPro, and all the other accessories that you need to be prepared to get the shot!!

  35. I would use this bag to carry around my old Canon A-1 and a preprinted info card to hand out to everyone asking me about the bag!

  36. Great episode. I am pretty excited about being one of the first to get in on the Kickstarter. I will politely stuff my bag with my Olympus OMD EM -1 and the following Olympus lenses: 17mm Pancake, 8mm Fisheye, 14-42mm Pro 2.8, 45mm 1.8, and 40-150mm. Also, a couple of flashes, filters, and iPad Air. Can’t wait until it ships!

  37. I love the design, I would put a Fuji xt1 .. 10-24 lens, 55 lens, 55-200 lens .. An iPad and other junk ???

  38. Can’t wait to get my hands on this bag. Finally a bag that is good for my camera gear or good just for everyday use. Some many of my cameras bags do nothing else but hold a Camera, but if your doing a shoot, more than likely you have some non camera items on you as well, so being able to configure the inside to suit your needs is key. Also being able to stuff a laptop or tablet in it is bonus. It’s good to see those who are actually in the the field design the gear we all need. Kudos to Trey and Peak Designs!

  39. What would I carry in this bag? Fuji XT-1, 16mm f1.4, 23mm f1.4 56mm 1.2 and the 90mm f2. looks like there is still room so I will toss in the Fuji X011s

  40. Camera kit, bike kit and the kit for keeping my six-year-old happy while I’m shooting. It would all fit and I would still have room for new glass… Love the look of this bag!

  41. This bag of Bags would carry my new OM10, lens and maybe a little lunch everything just fits?

  42. It’s dangerous out there! Especially when you live in Sao Paulo. I’ve witnessed several robberies, had friends robbed at gunpoint… Using a flashy branded camera bag can be literally life threatening. What would I put in there? My creativity, my dreams, my ambitions, and whatever I need to realise them without drawing unwanted attention to myself. Come on Trey and Frederick – help me get out of the studio and back to the streets!

  43. Camera bag looks excellent, congrats to Trey and the Peak Design team on
    the new product. If I get one I will put my camera gear (A7II and
    lenses) plus my other everyday stuff (iPhone, iPad, headphones,
    notepad+pen, etc..) It looks like this bag will be much more comfortable
    to carry everyday than my current one. Would love to take one for a

  44. Love the bag! Very modern looking, and it will go great with my new Sony a7R ii 🙂

  45. Its a beautifully designed bag, looks great, and with a super thought design from photographer to photographer, a so cool looking bag would make me want to wear it every day and everywhere, then I would be carrying my camera literary everywhere helping me to keep me motivated and creative!

  46. Nikon D810 with 58mm lens. Plus Nikon Coolpix A with flashes and batteries, and cards, and

  47. I really like how much they thought about the little things that make a good bag.
    I would of course use it for my camera gear (Canon 7D + Lenses) but I think the bag would also be great for just carrying my macbook and daily items everyday (like the name says)….

  48. I would use the bag for either my Nikon 1 V2 and its lens or my D7100 and the Sigma 17-50, Tokina 11-16, and Nikon 18-200

  49. I would use the bag with my Canon 6D, some prime lenses (35, 85 etc.) and my previous gear from PD off course 🙂

  50. I’m too would love a bag that would meet all of my needs – phone, journal, model releases, dslr, and a few lenses. My bags smaller than my backpack just don’t meet those needs, nor have I been able to find one that will work for me. The Everyday Messenger bag looks like a dream come true.

  51. Fred, great episode, I love these short videos in addition to my weekly dose of listening to TWIP. You guys are awesome.

    It would be fantastic to own this beg made by PeakDesign with Tray’s collaboration. Finally a bag where I could fit my Sony A7 with 24-70, Panasonic 50M 1.4 (old manual lens, Canon 70-200 IS and still have room to fit MBP 15″, accessories and snacks. All around camera beg for work, travel or just for hanging around with friends and family.

  52. I love the bag! I only would like to see it on a woman and see how big it is on them. I am 99% sure I will get it still! Use it for my photo gear plus!

  53. Frederick, I signed up for the whole package. Love the bag. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.
    Bud James

  54. great bag! i try to enter kickstarter, but i think i cant afford it :/
    maybe next year, i can buy one in a store 🙂

    great work!

  55. Comments for this post are now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated and commented on this post to get an Everyday Messenger bag! Within the next day I’ll be recording and posting a video showing the selection of the lucky winner (using