TWIP #123 – Photography Q&A

This week: Another Q and A episode and a special interview with Rebekka of Flickr fame.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Ron Brinkmann, Steve Simon, Alex Lindsay


Ron Gets Published in Playboy
Playboy purchased some of Ron's photos of the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo that they found on his Flickr stream.Steve suggests using Foto Quotes from Cardoc Software as a starting point to come up with pricing for stock and assignment photography.

Leica S2 Now Shipping
37 MP CCD sensor designed to work with the Leica lens system and it retails for $31,000.

Samsung Unveils the NX10
New DSLR camera from Samsung shoots video and does not have a mirror box or pentaprism.


Question 1 – Failwhale77 is wondering whether to get a Canon 7D, a 5K Mark II, or a Scarlet if he's interested in getting into video?

Alex: The Scarlet from Red isn't available now. If he's not in a rush then wait for PMA to see if there are any announcements made there.. If he needs something right away, the 7D is better at video and feels more like a video camera. The 5D is a better still camera. You can see Alex's video shot with a 7D here.

Question 2 – Have you had problems with your gear going from warm inside to cold outside?

Steve: One tip is to bring a large Ziploc bag with you and when you go indoors, put your camera in the bag and seal it so that the condensation forms on the outside of the bag rather than on your camera body.

Question 3 – Looking for an affordable option for shooting 360 degree panos.

Alex: I use the Nodal Ninja R1


This week, Fred catches up with Rebekka Guoleifsdottir who he orginally interviewed on TWiP Episode 69 to find out what she's been up to. Find out what knitting and photography have in common and what her plans are for this year. You can learn more about Rebekka by visiting her website and Flickr stream.


We ran out of time for picks this week but Ron has a quick pick – an eBook on managing your libraries in Aperture from Joseph Linaschke


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