How to Run a Professional Portrait Studio – with Dan Ablan

I'm a creative director who has had his hands in everything. Starting out in broadcast television, then moving to managing a cable channel as a program manager and then producing video in the corporate arena. I took those years of everything video and formed my own company in 1994, concentrating on 3D mixed with video.

I've worked with major corporations such as McDonald's, Abbott, Baxter, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gartner, United Airlines and multiple NASA divisions to name a few. In that time I also formed a successful e-commerce learning site, built one of the largest photography studios in the Chicago area, and authored 15 books.

What I do today is take 20+ years of hands-on creative, design, 3D, and video and work directly with organizations large and small to build brand messages. I'm a content producer and creator, supporting integrated marketing developers and their creative goals.

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