TWiP 486: Google Grabs them with the Pixel

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TWiP 486: Google Grabs them with the Pixel

Google changes the smartphone conversation again, this time with the introduction of a new phone they’re calling “Pixel”. But this time, the big G is controlling both the hardware AND the software, and they say this new phone has the best camera EVER attached to any mobile phone. Google are clearly taking aim at the newly released iPhone 7. But can they galvanize the somewhat fractured Android user base?

Also, Sony releases yet another iteration of their popular a6000 series of mirrorless cameras. The a6500 addresses a number of complaints photographers have expressed with this line, including the lack of a touch-screen, and 5-axis image stabilization, the a6500 sports both, features once the territory of Lumix, Fuji and Olympus

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