TWiP 483: Top Picks from Photokina

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TWiP 483: Top Picks from Photokina

Photography’s largest trade show, Photokina kicked off this week in Cologne, Germany with a veritable big-bang of new cameras, lenses, drones and more. This weeks panel shares their favorites from today’s bounty, and a look at some under performers from the show. We also take a look at the Pentax K-1, a camera that DxOMark has rated as the 3rd best camera they’ve ever tested.

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  1. All the cool stuff from Photokina and you spend a good amount of time just bashing Canon. In my experience most people don’t care about video on their still cameras. When you compare video and still classes that camera stores put on there are 10x more students at the still classes.

  2. You guys were so wrong about the Em1 ii’s shooting speed that my plam is now permenantly attached to my face! X)

    But i agree that Canon and Nikon showed up their game or they will be the Nokia of the photography world. 🙂

  3. Interesting show but you don’t get Pentax and their market niche! All of their current cameras (K70, K3ii, K1 and 645z) are about rugged weather-resistant (even the cheap kit lenses) dependability for harsh conditions and landscapes. Add in the pixel shift resolution, ability to frame by moving the sensor when on a tripod, and great astro tracer capabilities and it’s clear the K-1 is designed for use in the great outdoors. The concentration on lack of 4K is of marginal if any relevance; that’s not the market this camera is aimed at.

    And no….I’m not a Pentax owner; I might be if I wanted FF though.

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