TWiP 482: iPhone 7 Arrives

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TWiP 482: iPhone 7 Arrives

It’s a holiday month of sorts in the tech industry, this is the month when Apple releases their newest flagship product, the iPhone. The emphasis in this release was on the iPhone 7’s camera capabilities and Apple has put their substantial weight behind upping the ante when it comes to mobile photography.

Also, Google has added new features to its already popular Google Photos app for iOS. In some ways, “fixing” one of iPhone cameras features “Live Photos”.

And lastly, we have a thought-provoking discussion about censorship and social responsibility as it applies to Facebook. Can we really consider the social network “just” a social network anymore?

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  1. Hey FVJ good show again. One thing though, you should really have a conversation with Leo when u guys have the time, a conversation about Google / High End Android Phones & their integration, easy sharing, etc. It just hurts listening to your guests talking about those phones like it was 5 years ago, it’s not & you might be missing out on some “cool” ?phones. You say u use a lot of Google Services & they definitely integrate better with the Google / Android phones then with iPhone. I can’t wait, less then a month away from the brand new Pixel Phones, the rumer is Nexus is being replaced with Pixel name. In closing I just like to say the Higher end Android / Google phones have top of the line cameras, ( Galaxy 7, Nexus 6P, Note 7 when it’s not on fire, haha & a few others) & if u use Google Services on a Google Phone it integrates really well, it’s not 5 years ago anymore FVJ ???

    1. Yes I had to cringe when you guys got the phone in question (Note 7) all wrong…. S7, Nexus 7…. 🙂
      Great show, great bunch of people, listen to you guys every week, but clearly you guys are not Android aware:)
      BTW I have been shooting raw with an LG V10 and now the Note 7 (a safe one :)) for many months now and it’s truly fantastic to have raw on a smartphone

  2. I’m really looking forward for the pocketshooters podcast, but as many others have commented, it hurts to hear how low you think about Android. For long time Android users have enjoy 2k displays, raw files, manual control in pictures and with LG even full manual video and sound control, optical stabilization, and much more.
    I was even surprised in a recent podcast when you guys were wondering about the purpose of Dual Pixel technology on recent Canon cameras.
    Samsung have incorporated that camera tech since the introduction of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at the beginning of this year, and more recently in the Note 7. That is the reason of the incredible fast auto focus on those cameras specially in low light.
    But well, still love the shows and respect all of you and your guests, I just hope more research could be done before talking low about a company or a product.

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