TWiP 472 LIVE: Defending Polycamory

TWiP 472 LIVE: Defending Polycamory

This episode is a TWiP first. It’s the first time I’ve recorded an episode of TWiP, live in front of an audience. Since I was speaking at the Out of Chicago conference, and I’m FROM Chicago, I thought what a fantastic opportunity to do a live show!

So we did just that, we assembled an all­star cast of photographers and just went for it! Joining me on the panel were Scott Bourne, Derrick Story, Ron Pepper, Valerie Jardin, Rob Knight and Steve Brokaw. This might also have been the largest panel I’ve ever wrangled!

We discuss all kinds of photography related topics, and had a ton of fun along the way. We take questions from the audience, tell stale jokes, make political innuendo and more… you know, just like a regular episode of TWiP!

A huge thanks goes out to all of the panel participants, and to Chris Smith and team, the masterminds behind the conference, and to Jim Jones for graciously providing the pictures shown in the blog post.

Recorded Sunday, June 26th, 2016 in front of a LIVE studio audience at the Out of Chicago conference in beautiful Chicago Illinois ­ this. is. TWiP!

A big thanks goes out to Ron Pepper of the Panorama Network for inventing(?) the phrase “Polycamory“! He even wrote a whole article on the topic for Photofocus titled Becoming Polycamerous – be sure to check it out!

A big thanks to Jim Jones Photography and Charles Peterson for these BTS photos from our live recording!

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  1. Frederick, please mic them up next time. Room mics just don’t work. Otherwise good job!

    1. I’m not sure if that was the problem. It sounded to me like we were getting dual audio somehow that was ruining the sound. I suppose it could have just been the reverberation in the room. Sounded like two on camera mics at the same time at different distances to me.

    2. plus they had the Zoom recorders way too far away. Should have used lav or hand-held mics. IMO mics need to be within 8″ or less for good results. I don’t even like shotgun mics unless there’s no other option.

  2. Great round table discussion! I wanted to add some info for some of your listeners and fellow podcasters that were talking about lightroom and how painfully slow it is. Ask them to turn off there gpu acceleration and see if that speeds things up a bit. I have a beast of a system as well (Dual 14 core xeons) and lightroom was painfully slow. Turned off gpu acceleration ( I have the gtx 1070) and everything went back to how I remember it working. Snappy and responsive.