TWiP 470 – Virtually Facebook

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TWiP 470: Virtually Facebook

Facebook puts its considerable weight behind the 360 movement by adding support for pannable panoramic photos directly into users’ timelines. This means the audience size for photographers looking to create this type of imagery has increased by just about 1.6 billion people.

Also, Apple shocks the photography world with the introduction of RAW/DNG support in its upcoming iOS10 operating system. Could this mark the beginning of professional iOS based photography, and another nail in the coffin for point­and­shoot style single­purpose cameras?

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  1. Nikon and Canon have mirrorless cameras, too!
    I’m not sure why it is always pointed out that Canon and Nikon don’t have mirrorless cameras. The Nikon 1 system has been around for several years and has quite a few lenses available. The Canon M series came out a couple of years ago and the latest versions are quite nice. The lens selection isn’t that great as yet, but they have an adapter to use the bigger lenses (as does Nikon). The Canon M series is APS-C, while the Nikon is the smaller sensor. I’m not arguing the relative merits of these systems, just the fact that they exist, even though TWIP denies their existence.