TWiP 465 – Enter the Matrix

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TWiP 465 – Enter the Matrix

The stories about VR, 360o video and augmented reality advancements seem to be hitting the media fast and furious lately. With companies like Facebook, Google/YouTube and Microsoft putting their money where their virtual mouths are by investing huge piles of cash in this nascent technology.

And now we’re seeing new and unforeseen uses of VR, one such use comes from Google with the introduction of their “Tilt Brush”, it’s a brush that lets the user “paint” in virtual 3D space with materials like fire, smoke, stars and more.

VR, 360 video, and augmented reality are the topics of this weeks episode.

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  1. As far as the Calvin Klein ad is concerned, I don’t have that much of a problem with it, but I do see why some people are upset:
    America is incredibly repressed, sexually speaking. Even if we’ve got some kinks, or god forbid, any sexual impulses at all, admitting it in public is seen as taboo. But this ad is making people mad because by its very nature, it has turned the enraged into an unwitting voyeur, and probably in public, no less. The feel like CK has invaded their decency’s sense of privacy.

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