TWiP 448 – Fujifilm’s X-Factor

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TWiP 448 – Fujifilm's X-Factor

The folks over at Fujifilm are continuing to impress and innovate in the mirrorless camera space. This time with the introduction of the X­PRO2. Fuji is returning to it’s rangefinder­influenced roots with the inclusion of a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder, and several other improvements to this new camera that are sure to make any Fuji shooter happy.

Also, in this episode we discuss GoPro and the decline of action camera sales resulting in the company slashing 7% of it’s workforce. Is the action camera market saturated? Or, is it just time to reimagine the product line, and diversify. Or maybe both?

To discuss these stories and more, I’m joined by Don Komarechka of and Lee Herbet of

Also, before we get started, a quick heads­up… I’m excited to be speaking at the Out of Chicago conference June 24 ­ 26. For a limited time, they’re knocking $100 off the registration price if you use the code “twipchicago” when you sign up. Just head over to TWiP.Pro/OOC to see all the details. See you in the windy city!

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  1. Fuji Firmware Updates: Something you forgot to mention

    Along with the announcement of the new Fuji cameras and lenses, it was also announced that there will be a firmware update for the X-E2 that pretty much turns it into the new X-E2s. I think it’s and worth pointing out that Fuji has provided many firmware updates that actually add significant functionality to existing camera models. These are not merely bug fixes or lens compatibility updates. I’m on my second X-E2 (I dropped the first one into a lake), and have been thrilled that every now and then Fuji basically gives me a new camera and I don’t have to buy anything. I certainly never got anything like this from NIkon.

    Here’s the full list of the updates. Much of this stuff is totally new functionality for my X-E2 – for example, I currently only have a mechanical shutter. The update provides an electronic shutter.

    1. New AF System

    (1) New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects
    (2) Improvement of AF accuracy
    (3) Eye Detection AF
    (4) Auto Macro mode
    (5) AF improvement in the Movie mode

    2. Function enhancements

    (6) High-speed electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec.*
    (7) White Balance Bracketing
    (8) Enhanced ISO Auto Setting to AUTO1/AUTO2/AUTO3
    (9) Exposure Compensation control in Manual.
    (10) Natural Live View function is just like the naked eye.
    (11) Finer lines on the framing grid enhances visibility
    (12) New Video Frame rates (50P / 25P / 24P)
    (13) Manual Shooting in Video mode
    (14) Phase detection AF support for Instant AF
    (15) Expansion of shutter speed in Program Shift mode

    3. Operability improvements

    (16) The new user interface
    (17) Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation
    (18) Name of Silent mode changed to avoid confusion
    (19) Direct selection of AF area
    (20) Unlocked AE-L / AF-L Buttons
    (21) Variable Focus Area during MF
    (22) Q. Menu customization
    (23) Interlocking of Metering and Focus areas

    (24) Movie Recording

    4. Other changes with the update

    (25) Supports focus limiter function for XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
    (26) “BACKGROUND COLOR” menu
    (27) The maximum number of images taken in the continuous shooting mode

  2. Fuji upped their game by adding nostalgia to controls, the magic of film, great optics, and a good compromise between size and quality. It looks serious and cool at the same time.

    There’s absolutely nothing Nikon/Canon can do to keep their market growing except to create a new system and let it cannibalize their old systems. Either they cut off their gangrenous arm and replace it with a new bionic one, or they hold on to it and join Kodak in the museum. What I think upsets photographers like us is that we hate to see two of the giants go down like this, it’s like watching Michael Jordan age in the ball court or to watch Mohamed Ali deteriorate. It’s like they’re human we all die, but with technology, there’s no reason for them to go extinct. It’s like why aren’t you fighting back? you think you’re too good? or are you just in denial that you’re getting beat?

  3. I hate it when Frederick solicits legal opinions from guest hosts who have no legal expertise, as happens in this episode’s discussion of the Tyler Shields photos. When this happens it bogs down the episode and it makes me wonder why I’m continuing to listen. It’s fine to solicit expressions of outrage and other emotional reactions, but don’t ask non-lawyers whether the photographers who created the original works might have a legal case against Tyler Shields. The discussion that follows this question is a waste of everyone’s time.

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