TWiP 433 – Death by Selfie

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TWiP 433 – Death by Selfie

Selfies! It’s the cultural phenomenon we all love to hate… and love to participate in. The word “selfie” has invaded the world's techno lexicon and the act of taking these self­portraits has become a part of everyday life.

Some people do it to share their interesting lives and whereabouts with friends, family, and a few thousand of their closest followers. While others do it because they genuinely think the world would be a better and brighter place if there were just a *few* more photos of their amazing face on the Internet.

Whatever the reasons, this is a seemingly innocuous side ­effect of the “everyone has a camera, all the time” era. But is it really so benign?

Consider this, with the increasing desire for public acceptance in the form of likes, loves, +1’s, thumbs­up etc. People are beginning to think outside of the box when it comes to capturing that one photo that will garner an extra millisecond or two of attention on Instagram.

Unfortunately, this “outside the box” thinking surprisingly has caused more deaths this year than shark attacks.

In this episode we discuss the selfie trend, and some surprising ways that several unfortunate people have made their selfies, the last photo they’d ever take.

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